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From Version 4.x to 10.x

TYPO3 Upgrade Services

Upgrading TYPO3 is a trivial task. Leave it on our TYPO3 experts.

Why TYPO3 Upgrade is Important?


Security Update

With every new TYPO3 version comes security updates & fixes. Upgrade to experience improved performance of your website!


New Features

New version release brings latest and advanced features to boost functionalities of your website.


Better Performance

Besides every TYPO3 release comes with several performance improvements that makes TYPO3 run faster and more efficient.



Sometimes, an update can break your existing TYPO3 plugins if they aren’t following the latest compatibility standards.


Improved Development Standards

Upgrade with latest coding standards so that you don’t have to worry about low performance.


Ensure support for future growth

TYPO3 is fully scalable CMS to manage and customize your website according to your business growth.

TYPO3 v10
Is For Everyone!

Upgrading to TYPO3 v10 brings abundant amazing features for everyone! Even if you are TYPO3 Administrator, Editor or developer, TYPO3 v10 has something special for you.

For TYPO3 Editors

TYPO3 v10 has many new features as well as improvements to existing features. Checkout some of the new features of TYPO3 v10 which will be useful for TYPO3 Administrator and TYPO3 Editor.

  • Unique Interactive TYPO3 Widget Dashboard
  • Easy New New Form Wizard
  • Improved TYPO3 Slug Updates and Redirects
  • Validate External Links
  • Keyboard navigation through the pagetree
  • Files sorting by metadata title in"File Links" content element.
  • Supports for change frequencies and priorities for Sitemap
  • Classic Email Template
  • Improved User’s Privacy with SameSite Cookies
  • Improved feature toggles
  • Improved Powerful flexible caching system

For TYPO3 Integrators

We make sure about development environment that we use for website development is robust to yeild best platform for development, staging and production.

  • Dashboard Widgets For Your Editors
  • Get Rich-Feature into Sites Management
  • Better Fluid-based HTML Emails
  • New Essential Features Into Forms
  • Better Redirect Module
  • Application Context in CLI
  • Default Action at File Uploads
  • Default values for lockIP/lockIPv6
  • Re-Formed Frontend Login
  • Better Localization With Crowdin
  • Cool Backend User Module
  • Possible Backend User Switch

For Developers

For better productivity and quality of work, our team is always cares for latest coding trends, TYPO3 standards, and technologies.

Adapt the best of TYPO3 for your plugin.

  • TYPO3 Dashboard - Create Your Own Widget
  • Easy Scanning for Upgrade
  • Symfony Dependency Management
  • Custom File Processors
  • PSR-17 & PSR-18 HTTP Client
  •  Introduction to Pagination Feature
  • Adding Custom JS/CSS through Fluid
  • CKEditor: Customization Possible 
  • Security: Status & Reports
  • Security: Password Hash Algorithms

Our Approach To Upgrade Your TYPO3 Website!

Tools, techniques and Methodology we follow to upgrade your TYPO3 website to latest version!

1) TYPO3 Compatibility Check and Estimation

During Estimation, We will follow the below things and then give the possibilities and estimation for the project

1. TYPO3 Version: Project working on in which TYPO3 version.
2. Extensions counts (custom and TER extension): Count of extension (Compatible, non-compatible and custom)
3. Custom extension Migration: PiBase to EXTBase or redevelop
4. TER extension alternative and migration: If TER extension not compatible then find the alternative or redevelop.
5. TYPOSCRIPT base user functions and custom viewhelper migration (Custom functionality)
6. RTE, pageTS and TYPOSCRIPT migration
7. Schedulers
8. PHP Deprecations
9. TCA migration

2) TYPO3 Core Upgrade

We will upgrade the TYPO3 version by LTS to LTS. If project working on TYPO3 7.6.12 then upgrade will below

  • TYPO3 7.6.12 to 7.6.lts
  • TYPO3 7.6.lts to 9.5.lts
  • TYPO3 9.5.lts to 10.4.lts

3) TER Extension Upgrade

If the extensions from TER are no more compatibile, we look to it's alternative solutions. But in either case if wef no alternative is found, we'd go with cutom TYPO3 extension development.

One important aspect, if project used EXT: news then we will migrate extension base on TYPO3 core upgrade.

4) Custom Extension Upgrade

At this step if your TYPO3 website has custom built TYPO3 extensions, we'd perform following steps,

  • Resolve all the deprecation
  • TCA Migration
  • TYPOSCRIPT Migration
  • Viewhelper migration
  • Scheduler Migration

5) TYPO3 Templating Changes & Upgrade

  • Templating method change (TEMPLATE to FLUIDTEMPLATE) if client want
  • EXT: css_styled_content to EXT: fluid_styled_content
  • Migrate RTE to ck_editor
  • TYPOSCRIPT user function migrate
  • TYPOSCRIPT Condition Migrate
  • Language configuration migrate to site configuration
  • Sitemap Migration
  • EXT: realurl migrate to routing

6) Performance Optimization, QC/QA & Deployment

We perform various steps to boost TYPO3 Speed and performance such as,

  • Image optimizations
  • EXT: staticfilecache
  • CDN
  • Cloudflare
  • Code cleanups

Before deploying the website to client development server we perfrom rigit QC/QA and testing by compare whole site with below points

  • Contents
  • Speaking URL
  • Redirects
  • Languages
  • Site 1:1
  • Schedulers

Post deployment to client development server and after the final confirmation upgraded TYPO3 website is deployed to production server and made live!

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