Composer Generator For Your TYPO3 Extensions

OpenSource free tool to create composer.json for your TYPO3 extensions. Are you manually prepare your composer.json for your TYPO3 extension? It's specially designed for the TYPO3 extension, where you don't need to each property of composer.json, just fill-up the below form; and the tool will create and download your composer.json - that's it :)

What are the features?

  • Upload your existing extension's ext_emconf.php
  • Create a composer for your new extension
  • Download sample composer.json which is well-designed for specifically TYPO3 extension

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Open Source

Compatible TYPO3 v7 to v9

Free Support

Stable Version

Easy to Use

TYPO3 Standards



Lightweight and Powerful

"Interesting? Download For Free"

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