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TYPO3 Server Compatibility

TYPO3 Server Compatibility

Are you still manually checking compatibilities between your server and TYPO3? It's a bit time consuming to check each server factors for your every TYPO3 version. Imagine, your customer provides server details, and you want to check compatibilities to write them back quickly. If your server is okay or not?

In our day-to-day routine, many TYPO3 projects require to check continues server compatibility. That's why we have developed one cool PHP script which compares compatibility between TYPO3 and Server.

What are the features?

  • Select TYPO3 version and get detailed server report by comparing current and require version (by checking compatibilities requirement)
  • Check database connection
  • Check email configuration
  • Display PHP Information

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Open Source

Free Support

Stable Version

Easy to Use

TYPO3 Standards

Compatible TYPO3 v4 to v9

Lightweight and Powerful



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