Sprint Overview

If you are a TYPO3 lover and love coding, then TYPO3 code sprints are for you!

NITSAN feels grateful for organizing first ever TYPO3 code sprint at India, Asia. We are very excited and energized for aiming to make productive sprint by completing as many tasks, features, and bugs. Of course with celebrating such a great event with social get-together, fun, foods and much more!

You may find an official announcement of TYPO3 Code Sprint India at https://typo3.org/event/20190328-typo3org-sprint-india/


Gitlab Tickets

Days of Sprint

Major Features

About code sprint

TYPO3 Codesprint is actually a gathering of dedicated TYPO3 developers and an incredible opportunity to meet individuals with similar interests, for learning, and for making new companions.

Multiple development tasks are done, new features, ideas, and solutions are shared, information is exchanged.

In this code sprint, 20+ NITSAN's TYPO3 developers, Stefan Bussmann (Product Owner) and Thomas Löffler (Team Leader) will gather up for a code sprint.

The dedicated team will work for four days (and nights) in kanban style on typo3.org and again it brings you more stability, interesting rich features, and many more surprises.

What happens at TYPO3 code sprint?

The TYPO3 Core team has a fixed schedule for sprint releases of the current development cycle for regular maintenance releases and enhanced performance.

Each Sprint may be considered a project with tasks to be accomplished. Each TYPO3 Sprint has a goal of what is to be built, a design and flexible plan that will guide building it, the work, and the resultant product increment.

Also, our esteemed guests Stefan Bussmann (Product Owner) and Thomas Löffler (Team Leader) would be visiting India for the first time so we’re excited to greet them with our Indian “Atithi Devo Bhava” culture. So there are definitely many more surprises for them with code sprint.

Planning for Code Sprint

In this sprint, we are planning to complete more than 45 tickets at TYPO3.org Gitlab with following major list:

  • Planet TYPO3 Module (EXT:t3planet)
  • TYPO3 Jobs Module (EXT:t3jobs)
  • Team Minutes of Meeting (EXT:t3mom)
  • Speed and Performance Improvement
  • SEO Optimization
  • QA Testing Report (re-testing of cross-platform compatibilities)
  • Bugs/Issues Fixing (Gitlab open tickets)
  • and so on.,

Sprint Participants

<strong>Sprint Participants</strong>

TYPO3.org Member

Stefan Bussmann

Thomas Löffler

<strong>Sprint Participants</strong>


Sanjay Chauhan

Nitin Chauhan

Jignesh Boricha

<strong>Sprint Participants</strong>

Event Organiser

Vishwa Shah

Anjali Bhatt

Divya Lumbani

Vipul Jogadiya

<strong>Sprint Participants</strong>


Keval Pandya

Vandna Kalivada

Ghanshyam Bhava

Nisha Ghodadra

<strong>Sprint Participants</strong>


Mehul Nimavat

Bhavin Barad

Ravi Nagaiya

Nisha Dave

Nilesh Malankiya

<strong>Sprint Participants</strong>


Siddharth Sheth

Milan Rathod

Bharat Makwana

Sonal Chauhan

Jay Chauhan


Along with a healthy code sprint, there are other events planned as well, where everyone can socialize, interact with each other. Events like DJ-Karaoke, different fun competitions and challenges like Bowling, and many more to relax and have gala time to enjoy and have fun.

We have also planned, some of the Indian cultural programs like Indian Music and Dance performances that would give our German guest a good touch of Indian culture. All such social events will bring liveliness and fun to the code sprint, definitely, there would much more than just coding in this event.

Contact Detail


301, Corporate Center,
Bhavnagar, Gujarat 364002, India

Get in touch

NITSAN Technologies Pvt Ltd


We Heartily Welcome You!

Happy TYPO3 Code Sprint :)

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