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Contribution & Participation with TYPO3 Community

Because we're in love with TYPO3 community, coding, speaking, volunteering, sponsoring, and sharing knowledge with TYPO3 peers.

Our Presence for TYPO3

We love TYPO3 and Getting Engaged fr it is our pleasure!

NITSAN added a golden feather to achievements by being the only agency to win TYPO3 Award beyond Europe! We won TYPO3 award under Best Finance / Logistic TYPO3 website category in year 2018!

NITSAN was Printed Partner sponser and Speaker at T3CON18. Sanjay Chauhan delivered an excellent speech on "TYPO3 Update! Why & How ?" beneficial for developers, marketers and managers.

Being Coding Night Sponsor and Expert speaker Sanjay Chauhan delivered splendid talk on “10 Tips & Tricks For TYPO3 Upgrade Projects”

At this TYPO3 Conference NITSAN has been proud sponsor and speaker. Nitin and Sanjay delivered their expert talk on “Exploring B2B/B2C Store into TYPO3 Ecosystem”

Sanjay has delivered his expert talk on Essential Solutions for TYPO3 Productivity in two sessions and was host at TYPO3 Pannel discussion with community experts.

NITSAN feels grateful for organizing the first-ever TYPO3 code sprint in India, Asia by completing as many tasks, features, and bugs. Of course with social get-together, fun, food and much more!

Only Pioneers in India to conduct TYPO3 Seminar/Workshops, conduct TYPO3 Public Events, boost involvement & Awareness to TYPO3 Universe, motivate to contribute to TYPO3 Community & TER.

Because we love TYPO3!

We love to Participating, Contributing and Innovating with TYPO3!