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Leveraging MERN Stack To Build Feature-packed & Advanced Web Apps


At NITSAN, we design bespoke MERN solutions to create applications that deliver a rich user experience, earning us applauds from the industry leaders.

We offer standard MERN Stack development services to numerous business domains from E-Commerce, Logistics to Edutech as per different development scales. Our customers, regardless of whether startup or large scale business, have consistently received excellent MERN Stack Development Solutions that effectively met all their business necessities from our MERN Stack Expert Developers.

Technologies Under MERN Stack Development


Mongo DB

Open-source document-oriented database program, MongoDB is used to create a scalable base of your web app with flexible components.

- Cross-platform
- JSON-like Documents
- Document-oriented
- NoSQL Database


Express Js

ExpressJS is a flexible, simple and scalable JavaScript based web app development architecture to build dynamic website apps and RESTful APIs.

- Effective Middle Layer
- Efficient Routing
- Faster Server side development


React JS

Reactjs is one of leading technologies used to create dynamic and feature packed frontends of any website.

- Cross-platform
- Virtual DOM
- High Speed & Optimum Performance


Node JS

For scalable web applications, our development experts offer the open source cross platform framework Node.js.

- Easy to develop
- Robust with NoSQL
- Enhanced Backend Services

NITSAN's MERN Stack Services


Web Services and API Development

We serve you with the most effective solutions configuring APIs and integrating functional facilities going with RESTful web services powered by MERN.


MERN CMS Development

Build a highly efficient CMS to manage all your digital content with ease. As we use MERN stack, your CMS behaves like TYPO3 & WordPress.


MERN ERP Development

Advanced ERP solutions built on Node.js and MongoDB's finest capabilities endorsed by the best technology compliances of JSON and JavaScript while being served with the benefits of sharding, clustering, and schema.


Custom application development

We develop interactive customized applications, we work on React CRUD application with MERN and give you great solutions.

Why MERN Stack For Building Web Apps?

Icon imageOpen Source

No licensing fees. You can use its technology stack and libraries for dynamic apps for any business verticals.

Icon imageCost Effective

Easy-to-use nature and coding efficiency improve the learning curve while reducing development costs and time.

Icon imageIsomorphic

With MERN, we can use JS everywhere for server and client side rendering, maintaining markup templates and reducing web development cost.

Icon imageNMP Ecosystem

It’s a free dependency manager for JS projects and helps create components in a JSON file.

Icon imageFlexible

MERN offers an agile development process for SPA and web applications as per the classical Rich Internet Application principal.

Icon imageNo SQL

MongoDB’s NoSQL database offers unmatched performance across the cloud with agile sprints and iteration and hastens app deployment.

Icon imageMVC Architecture

Supported by the MVC ecosystem, MERN allows for the smooth and seamless development process.

Icon imageBlazing Speed

Improved performance and speed are two of the main differentiators that make MERN the preferred choice for websites.

MERN Project Execution At NITSAN

Why Choose NITSAN
for MERN Stack Development?


Custom Solutions

Our MERN stack development team understands the individual needs of their client. Your solutions can be customized accordingly to meet your business needs.


Hire Team of Your Choice

Interview and select certified MERN stack development teams. You have freedom choose to hire the developers according to your preference.


First Time Right

Our MERN stack development team achieves perfection in their first attempt. Every task is assured by QC/QA checks to provide 100% client satisfaction.


Flexible Engagement Models

Hire a MERN Stack developer online on a monthly, part-time, hourly, or fixed cost basis as per requirement.



We give the greatest importance to our clients’ data security. We sign a strict NDA and other legal papers to ensure supreme confidentiality.


4+ Years Of MERN Experience

Our MERN Stack developers are experienced & have expert wide knowledge of the MERN technologies.

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