TYPO3 Blog | NITSAN | RSS Feed https://www.nitsan.in/ en-gb TYPO3 News Thu, 20 Jun 2019 12:11:18 +0000 Thu, 20 Jun 2019 12:11:18 +0000 TYPO3 EXT:news news-180 Tue, 28 May 2019 06:00:00 +0000 Productive TYPO3 Development: LAMP/MAMP/WAMP vs Docker/DDEV/Composer /blog/post/productive-typo3-development-lamp-mamp-wamp-vs-docker-ddev-composer/ You might have heard about modern development tools like DDEV, Composer, Docker in TYPO3 universe, and would be interested in dig-into-depth for the same? Then, you are at the right place! We would like to guide you from Start to Intermediate level of knowledge to a modern local environment for your TYPO3 projects. Tips & Tricks TYPO3 Community news-179 Tue, 14 May 2019 10:37:39 +0000 Cookiebot.com TYPO3 GDPR/EPR Compliant /blog/post/cookiebot-com-typo3-gdpr-epr-compliant/ To support publishers, technology vendors and advertisers in meeting the transparency and user consent requirements of the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive, NITSAN has designed an extension NS_Cookiebot in TYPO3 CMS to integrate one of the most popular cookiebot.com TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS T3EXT DAY TYPO3 Extension news-178 Sat, 11 May 2019 09:15:42 +0000 All You Need To Know About TypoScript Conditions With Symfony Expression Language /blog/post/all-you-need-to-know-about-typoscript-conditions-with-symfony-expression-language/ Did you know, TYPO3 v9.5 LTS the Symfony expression language was introduced in TypoScript conditions? Yeah!! TypoScript is the kind heart of TYPO3 which is getting more powerful by add-ons of the most popular Symfony expression. TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS TYPO3 Template news-177 Wed, 08 May 2019 09:13:05 +0000 Disqus Comment System TYPO3 Plugin /blog/post/disqus-comment-system-typo3-plugin/ DISQUS is a global comment system that improves discussion on websites and has many other features. The EXT:ns_disqus_comments extension will help you to integrate DISQUS comments plugin into your website. Our extension will integrate DISQUS comments section on TYPO3 pages TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS T3EXT DAY TYPO3 Extension news-176 Wed, 01 May 2019 04:34:02 +0000 How To Secure Your TYPO3 Sites From Hack Attempts? /blog/post/how-to-secure-your-typo3-sites-from-hack-attempts/ Although TYPO3 being a self secured CMS, let’s try to make your TYPO3 sites more secure. How about increasing security by disabling access TYPO3 code by securing core files and folders? Yeah, that’s one of the main reason to write this blog. Tips & Tricks TYPO3 Community TYPO3 Security news-175 Thu, 11 Apr 2019 12:00:13 +0000 Publish and Maintain your TER TYPO3 Extensions with Composer + Git + Packagist /blog/post/publish-and-maintain-your-ter-typo3-extensions-with-composer-git-packagist/ Are you developing, publishing and maintaining TYPO3 extension at TER and interested to know, the best practice and standards for your TYPO3 Extensions? Then, you are in the right place. Keep reading! TYPO3 Community T3EXT DAY TYPO3 Extension news-174 Mon, 08 Apr 2019 09:39:02 +0000 Glimpse to the first ever TYPO3 Code Sprint, India/Asia /blog/post/glimpse-to-the-first-ever-typo3-code-sprint-india-asia/ NITSAN feels grateful for organizing the first-ever TYPO3 code sprint at India, Asia. We were very excited and energized for aiming to make productive sprint by completing as many tasks, features, and bugs. Of course celebrating such a great event with social get-together, fun, food and much more! TYPO3 Sprint TYPO3 Community Social T3BD DAY news-173 Wed, 13 Mar 2019 11:07:01 +0000 How to prepare and pass the TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator (TCCI) exam? /blog/post/how-to-prepare-and-pass-the-typo3-cms-certified-integrator-tcci-exam/ We are happy to share his experience to prepare and pass the exam. So are you excited to appear for TCCI exam and need to grasp some tips and tricks? Alright! Then, you are at the right place. Tips & Tricks TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS TYPO3 Certifications news-172 Thu, 14 Feb 2019 04:56:20 +0000 The Ultimate Guide on TYPO3 Upgrade /blog/post/the-ultimate-guide-on-typo3-upgrade/ Being the expert speaker at TYPO3 Developer Days T3DD and TYPO3 Conference T3CONF18, I covered two most crucial and trending topic on “TYPO3 Upgrade/Update”. TYPO3 CMS TYPO3 Extension TYPO3 Template TypoScript news-119 Tue, 18 Dec 2018 11:32:44 +0000 NITSAN’s Business Trip to Europe - 2018! /blog/post/nitsan-s-business-trip-to-europe-2018/ NITSAN has been known for delivering excellent oversea IT solutions since 2011. We have been working with many of our esteemed potential overseas clients for years but we were eager to meet them face to face! TYPO3 Community Social news-118 Fri, 14 Dec 2018 11:00:00 +0000 [T3EXT DAY] Beautiful TYPO3 Snow Plugin /blog/post/t3ext-day-beautiful-typo3-snow-plugin/ Christmas time? Do you want to add traditional snowfall to your TYPO3 site? Just use this plug-n-play TYPO3 extension with easy to use backend configuration. TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS T3EXT DAY TYPO3 Extension news-117 Fri, 07 Dec 2018 04:05:21 +0000 TYPO3 Conference 2018 /blog/post/typo3-conference-2018/ NITSAN stands out as the top-notch TYPO3 development based outsourcing company and an active member in TYPO3 community. Our CEO Nitin Chauhan and CTO Sanjay Chauhan, being the TYPO3 lovers has always been looking forward to attend TYPO3 events and this time it was the 13th International TYPO3 Conference they were going to attend at Berlin. Social TYPO3 CMS T3BD DAY T3BLOG DAY news-116 Fri, 16 Nov 2018 11:00:00 +0000 [T3EXT DAY] TYPO3 Plugin for Facebook Comment /blog/post/t3ext-day-typo3-plugin-for-facebook-comment/ Facebook comments plugin is a great tool that will allow you to show your visitors Facebook comments on your website’s particular page. At the same time this plugin is very useful for improving your website traffic from Facebook. TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS T3EXT DAY TYPO3 Extension news-115 Tue, 02 Oct 2018 06:24:14 +0000 TYPO3 9 LTS Press Release in HINDI /blog/post/typo3-9-lts-press-release-in-hindi/ TYPO3 संगठन ने TYPO3 CMS का एक नया लॉन्ग-टर्म सपोर्ट वर्जन जारी किया है, जो PHP आधारित वेब डेवलपमेंट प्लेटफ़ॉर्म है और व्यापक रूप से दुनिया भर के एंटरप्राइज़ बाजार में उपयोग किया जा रहा है। यह नया वर्जन आने वाले छह वर्षों के लिए समर्थित रहेगा। TYPO3 Community Social TYPO3 CMS TYPO3 Security TYPO3 Translation news-114 Fri, 21 Sep 2018 04:35:22 +0000 7 Reasons Why You Must Keep Your Website Updated /blog/post/7-reasons-why-you-must-keep-your-website-updated/ Your website is truly outstanding and most financially savvy approach to advertise your business. Hence, it is vital that you update your site to keep it pertinent, quick, and safe so that your visitors can avail maximum benefit from it and ultimately it is your benefit ;) Tools and Techniques TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS TYPO3 Security news-113 Fri, 14 Sep 2018 09:18:09 +0000 Features of TYPO3 v9 that we love the most! /blog/post/features-of-typo3-v9-that-we-love-the-most/ So, Have you checked TYPO3 9? Not yet? Oh my friend, you should check, and feel the one of the most powerful version of TYPO3’s History. TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS news-112 Mon, 27 Aug 2018 09:34:32 +0000 Top 10 Project Management Systems for Agencies /blog/post/top-10-project-management-systems-for-agencies/ Project Management is the well-ordered practice of Originating, Planning, implementing, supervising, and Closing a project or a task within a specified period of time to achieve organizational goals Tools and Techniques Social news-111 Tue, 21 Aug 2018 11:00:00 +0000 66 Tools & Techniques for Productive TYPO3 Agency /blog/post/66-tools-techniques-for-productive-typo3-agency/ NITSAN holds over 7+ years of expertise within TYPO3 project development. We have learned and explored numerous tools that make us an effective and profitable TYPO3 agency. These tools assistances us for good team collaboration, sustain industry principles, better work quality, productive work, increment deals, enhance venture administration, fruitful results and so on.. Tools and Techniques TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS T3BLOG DAY news-110 Sat, 28 Jul 2018 11:00:19 +0000 [T3EXT DAY] TYPO3 Comment Plugin for EXT:news /blog/post/t3ext-day-typo3-comment-plugin-for-ext-news/ Do you want to smoothly integrate comment feature in your favourite News extension? In this extension, there are features like post comment, reply to comment, multi-level comment thread, moderation etc., Know more from extension manual. TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS T3EXT DAY T3BLOG DAY news-109 Sat, 28 Jul 2018 07:01:52 +0000 [T3EXT DAY] TYPO3 Plugin for Youtube /blog/post/t3ext-day-typo3-plugin-for-youtube/ One of the only TYPO3 extension which provides to integrate all the features of Youtube.com like Simple Video, Channel, Playlist and Live-stream to your TYPO3 site. TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS T3EXT DAY TYPO3 Extension news-107 Fri, 06 Jul 2018 14:00:21 +0000 The Journey of NITSAN at T3DD18 event, Germany /blog/post/the-journey-of-nitsan-at-t3dd18-event-germany/ We were glad to be a part of T3DD18 Event at Dusseldorf, Germany. An Event around 200 TYPO3 Enthusiastic connected to enjoy their day by exploring more about TYPO3, expanding the network by meeting other TYPO3 Developers over the globe. The purpose of this event is not just to explore more about TYPO3 but also chilling out so the arrangement of karaoke and social gathering were also there. Thus, The event had many great moments which we were happy to be part of. TYPO3 Community Social TYPO3 CMS T3BLOG DAY news-106 Tue, 19 Jun 2018 09:14:23 +0000 [T3EXT DAY] TYPO3 Extensions Compatibility Report /blog/post/t3ext-day-typo3-extensions-compatibility-report/ One of the only TYPO3 extension which provides all the features like TYPO3 Extensions Compatibility Report, Notification of new update via Email, System overview report, Compatible with all major version of TYPO3 from 4.x to 8.x. This extension will help you to check TYPO3 upgrade feasibility and complexity to analyze upgrade estimation and define a perfect upgrade workflow. TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS T3EXT DAY TYPO3 Extension news-105 Wed, 13 Jun 2018 07:30:23 +0000 NITSAN is celebrating 13th TYPO3 Developer Days at Düsseldorf, Germany /blog/post/nitsan-is-celebrating-13th-typo3-developer-days-at-duesseldorf-germany/ We are super excited to attend the TYPO3 Developer Days (T3DD18) Event as a sponsor as well as a speaker. Continuing the tradition of meeting new people, sparking inspiration, and having a good time while exploring TYPO3. Three fantastic days in Düsseldorf, Germany. Meet TYPO3 developers from around the world. A great experience, not to be missed! TYPO3 Community Social news-102 Mon, 07 May 2018 05:04:07 +0000 What is GDPR? Prepare yourself for GDPR Compliance /blog/post/what-is-gdpr-prepare-yourself-for-gdpr-compliance/ This article does not constitute legal advice, nor is this information intended to create or rise to the level of an attorney-client relationship. You should seek professional legal advice where appropriate TYPO3 Community Social news-101 Fri, 04 May 2018 14:10:00 +0000 Simple Steps to Configure CKEditor in TYPO3 /blog/post/simple-steps-to-configure-ckeditor-typo3/ Gone are the days when the ever-increasing TYPO3 Community relied on the usage of Rich Text Editor (RTE) and its now-obsolete features. With the launch of TYPO3 8 LTS, TYPO3 developers and editors have been introduced to more effective backend editing solutions such as those presented by CKEditor. Here we help you take a quick look at the primary configuration levels of CKEditor in TYPO3 CMS. TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS TYPO3 Extension TYPO3 Template TypoScript news-99 Fri, 04 May 2018 14:00:01 +0000 A new era of TYPO3 Frontend Editing /blog/post/a-new-era-of-typo3-frontend-editing/ Are you looking for quicker ways of editing your TYPO3 website page content? Is your editing team desirous of implementing or initiating edits directly on the web page or via links placed closest to the content? If the answers are in the affirmative, then it’s indeed time to get acquainted with the concepts of ‘Frontend Editing’ to make your content administration tasks less complicated than before. TYPO3 Community T3EXT DAY news-94 Tue, 16 Jan 2018 12:15:01 +0000 25 useful tools, libraries and resources for web developer /blog/post/25-useful-tools-libraries-and-resources-for-web-developer/ Now a day the look and feel of the website are more important than development. so it is important to provide a user-friendly and robust front end. In the market, there are various plugins and frameworks available which are very useful in our development. You can start using them very easily. Tools and Techniques news-95 Mon, 15 Jan 2018 12:37:00 +0000 A complete guide to TYPO3 v8 CMS /blog/post/a-complete-guide-to-typo3-v8-cms/ TYPO3 v8 is one of the most important LTS version releases in the TYPO3 history. You may call it the Next Generation CMS (Content Management System). It gives TYPO3 the long awaited major boost in functionality and features. Tools and Techniques TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS TYPO3 Extension TYPO3 Template TYPO3 Translation TypoScript news-92 Wed, 18 Oct 2017 06:32:15 +0000 11 Tips for “How to be a Healthy Web Developer” /blog/post/11-tips-for-how-to-be-a-healthy-web-developer/ Being a web developer is not an easy thing when you have lot of stress at work, more and more deadlines to achieve, to satisfy all your client’s expectation, 12 to 14 hours of work and sometimes even more. All these things really can turn your personal life and your health into worst condition. Tools and Techniques TYPO3 Community Social news-91 Tue, 03 Oct 2017 09:16:26 +0000 Choosing A Developer Friendly CMS /blog/post/choosing-a-developer-friendly-cms/ The main thing to consider when picking a CMS is the language knowledge of your developers. While there are a couple of individuals around feeling capable in any number of languages, The majority use one more often the other. Tools and Techniques TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS news-89 Tue, 03 Oct 2017 09:14:07 +0000 [T3EXT DAY] All in One Slider Plugin /blog/post/t3ext-day-all-in-one-slider-plugin/ One of the only TYPO3 extension which provides to use most popular jQuery slider plugins at your website. This TYPO3 extension provides to configure sliders eg., Nivo Slider, Royal Slider, Owlcarousel, Sliderjs Slider & more will be available in an upcoming version. TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS T3EXT DAY TYPO3 Extension news-88 Tue, 26 Sep 2017 04:12:00 +0000 [T3EXT DAY] Plugin for Instagram /blog/post/t3ext-day-instagram-typo3-extension/ It's awesome TYPO3 extension which provides you a very attractive frontend display of Instagram images in different view (eg., gallery, phototile) at your TYPO3 website. TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS T3EXT DAY TYPO3 Extension news-81 Fri, 25 Aug 2017 04:32:27 +0000 Why its important to update your TYPO3 Websites on a regular basis! /blog/post/why-its-important-to-update-your-typo3-websites-on-a-regular-basis/ TYPO3, written in PHP, is a free and open source web content management system. It has the ability to run on several web servers such as IIS or Apache, on top many operating systems like. Microsoft Windows, Linux, FreeBSD. macOS and OS/2. Just like Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress, TYPO3 too is among the most popular content management systems worldwide. Tools and Techniques TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS news-78 Fri, 18 Aug 2017 04:52:27 +0000 30 Tips & Tricks for Optimum TYPO3 Website Speed and Performance /blog/post/30-tips-tricks-for-optimum-typo3-website-speed-and-performance/ Your website is your domain and keeping it functioning as well as it can be of the essence. Having a well-managed Enterprise Content Management System that provides the basis for websites, intranets, and mobile applications can work wonders for your business and its offerings! TYPO3 CMS TYPO3 Extension TYPO3 Template TypoScript news-85 Sun, 02 Jul 2017 10:42:00 +0000 [T3EXT DAY] All in One Chat – Real Time Chat /blog/post/t3ext-day-nitsan-all-chat-typo3-extension/ One of the only TYPO3 extension which provides to use most popular chat tool at your website. This TYPO3 extension provides to configure many live chat tools eg., zopim.com, livechatinc.com, purechat.com, livezilla.net, clickdesk.com, tidiochat.com, visitlead.com, onwebchat.com, userlike.com, hipchat.com & more will be available in an upcoming version. TYPO3 Community T3EXT DAY T3BLOG DAY TypoScript news-87 Wed, 21 Jun 2017 09:18:00 +0000 [T3EXT DAY] Plugin for www.ShareThis.com /blog/post/t3ext-day-plugin-for-www-sharethis-com/ One of the only TYPO3 extension is developed to integrate all the features of www.Sharethis.com which is one of the most popular third-party social media platform! TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS T3EXT DAY TYPO3 Extension news-77 Fri, 21 Apr 2017 09:38:18 +0000 Insights of our beautiful and colorful celebrations on the 6th Anniversary of NITSAN /blog/post/insights-of-our-beautiful-and-colorful-celebrations-on-the-6th-anniversary-of-nitsan/ NITSAN Technologies, the Digital Builders solutions provider, which had been held as the grand celebration - 6th Anniversary of NITSAN, at the Hotel Avezika In here on Saturday, Feb 11th, 2017. This day took off on an exhilarating view with the dance shows, drama, singing and traditional performance by the company’s employees. Social news-76 Fri, 03 Mar 2017 12:08:02 +0000 [T3EXT DAY] All in One Lightbox/Modalbox /blog/post/t3ext-day-all-in-one-lightbox-modalbox-typo3-extension/ One of the only TYPO3 extension which provides to configure most popular jQuery plugins eg., lightbox2, fancybox2, colorbox, prettyphoto, darkbox, magnific-popup & more will be available in an upcoming version. TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS T3EXT DAY TYPO3 Extension news-74 Fri, 06 Jan 2017 13:06:59 +0000 The Unconventional Guide: Converting Your TYPO3 Site From HTTP to HTTPS/SSL /blog/post/the-unconventional-guide-converting-your-typo3-site-from-http-to-https-ssl/ Google Starts Giving A Ranking Boost To Secure HTTPS/SSL Sites, It's long be understood that the performance of a website is slow using HTTPS. That’s not true! For privacy reason, Encryption of the website is mandatory in Germany. Here, I would like to to provide Step-by-Step guide for converting your TYPO3 website from HTTP to HTTPS. Tips & Tricks Tools and Techniques Social news-71 Fri, 25 Nov 2016 10:52:08 +0000 NITSAN is expanding to Europe /blog/post/nitsan-is-expanding-to-europe/ The Indian TYPO3 Professional Service Agency gets itself a new address in Europe after its collaboration with Austrian company, Amazingh. The Much-awaited “Amazingh" Merger with "NITSAN". news-84 Wed, 19 Oct 2016 04:12:00 +0000 [T3EXT DAY] StatCounter – Free Real Time Visitor Stat /blog/post/t3ext-day-nitsan-statcounter-typo3-extension/ StatCounter is a free web traffic analysis service, which provides summary stats on all your traffic and a detailed analysis of your last 500 page views. This limit can be increased by subscribing to their paid service. The StatCounter TYPO3 Extension brings you all the powerful StatCounter features to your TYPO3 site. http://statcounter.com/features/ TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS T3BLOG DAY TYPO3 Extension news-86 Mon, 17 Oct 2016 06:16:00 +0000 [T3EXT DAY] Twitter plugin to display all your Tweets /blog/post/t3ext-day-twitter-plugin-to-display-all-your-tweets/ Twitter for Websites is a suite of tools bringing Twitter content and functionality to your website page with Like, Retweet and Reply etc., functionality to your tweets directly from your TYPO3 website. TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS T3EXT DAY TYPO3 Extension news-70 Sat, 27 Aug 2016 08:13:58 +0000 [iTUG] TYPO3 is now available with HINDI too! /blog/post/itug-typo3-is-now-available-with-hindi-too/ We have great News! The team iTUG (India TYPO3 UserGroup) is excited to announce: TYPO3 is also available in Hindi. Please join us at www.iTUG.in to contribute more to world’s most powerful CMS since 1997. news-61 Fri, 22 Jul 2016 10:32:00 +0000 Best Practice for TYPO3 Template Integration /blog/post/best-practice-for-typo3-template-integration/ This article will help you to choose best TYPO3 template integration approach. The different ways of ‘TYPO3 template integration’ are an interesting topic for TYPO3 integrators from beginners to professionals who are always enthusiasts to adapt new ways/techniques. news-60 Fri, 08 Jul 2016 11:01:00 +0000 [iTUG: Week-27] Step by step guide to TYPO3 Composer /blog/post/itug-week-27-step-by-step-guide-to-typo3-composer/ In our next TYPO3 Usergroup Meeting at iTUG (India TYPO3 User Group) we will present a demo about how to use the TYPO3 composer repository. TYPO3 is able to run in composer mode. It’s fast, it's good for deployment and has a web folder. This post explains what it takes to get your composer up and running. TYPO3 Community T3BLOG DAY TYPO3 Extension news-62 Sat, 25 Jun 2016 07:48:00 +0000 [T3POLL DAY] Which one is your best flavor TYPO3 Ecommerce/shop integration? /blog/post/t3poll-day-which-one-is-your-best-flavor-typo3-ecommerce-shop-integration/ As we all know, this is an era of Ecommerce so just would like to know - Which one is the best solution for Ecommerce integration into ‪‎TYPO3‬? [for small & medium size shop sites] news-63 Wed, 22 Jun 2016 12:18:00 +0000 NITSAN Technologies - We are now TYPO3 certified! /blog/post/nitsan-technologies-we-are-now-typo3-certified/ We are proud to announce that NITSAN Technologies has been certified by the TYPO3 Association. We’re now among the three certified TYPO3 web agencies from India and can be found on PSL - The Professional Service Listing of TYPO3 certified agencies. news-58 Fri, 03 Jun 2016 13:31:48 +0000 [T3EXT DAY] First Plug & Play TYPO3 Extension for Maintenance Mode /blog/post/t3ext-day-first-plug-and-play-typo3-extension-for-maintanance-coming-soon-mode/ Do you want to make your site temporary offline like Coming Soon or Maintenance Mode? This extension will help you with simple plug & play which have special TYPO3 Page & Template. It would be useful on criteria like to set Site's Coming Soon Page, Maintenance of Site, Offline while Upgrading your site etc., TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS T3EXT DAY TYPO3 Extension news-57 Mon, 16 May 2016 13:56:00 +0000 [T3BD DAY] First TYPO3 Contribution Bootup Days (T3BD) In Asia/India /blog/post/first-typo3-contribution-bootup-days-t3bd-in-asia-india/ iTUG - India TYPO3 User Group proud to arranged the first TYPO3 Contribution Bootup Days (T3BD) in Asia/India. You might be heard like TYPO3 Developer Day (T3DD) But what is TYPO3 Contribution Bootup Days? news-56 Fri, 13 May 2016 13:26:18 +0000 TYPO3.Inc - One of the Historical Step into TYPO3 Community! /blog/post/typo3-inc-one-of-the-historical-step-into-typo3-community/ Abusing Business to empower our cause: TYPO3 Inc. At 6th April 2016, One of the Historical & Amazing steps has been taken with finalizing into TYPO3 Community with TYPO3 Inc. news-55 Mon, 09 May 2016 13:57:02 +0000 iTUG - India TYPO3 User Group (Week 19) /blog/post/itug-india-typo3-user-group-week-19/ Create an TYPO3 EXT:nitsan_maintenance for TER. This extension will help to setup site pages like 'Coming Soon' or 'Site Maintenance'. Github setup for TYPO3 EXT:nitsan_hellobar news-54 Tue, 03 May 2016 13:57:56 +0000 TYPO3 8: Good to Know & Contribute to The Next LTS /blog/post/typo3-8-good-to-know-contribute-to-the-next-lts/ Oh, Wait a minute.. Again a new LTS version? Yes exactly, because the development was already started before many weeks ago, It’s already planned to release TYPO3 8 LTS in April 2017. news-53 Fri, 29 Apr 2016 08:07:19 +0000 [T3EXT DAY] Launched TYPO3 EXT:nitsan_hellobar - An API Plugin of HelloBar.com /blog/post/launched-typo3-extn-itsan-hellobar-an-api-plugin-of-hellobar-com/ An API Integration for HelloBar.com - One of the most popular site! Integrate hellobar panel(s) with simple configuration from TYPO3 Backend & Displaying it at global to your TYPO3 site! TYPO3 Community TYPO3 CMS T3EXT DAY TYPO3 Extension news-52 Tue, 26 Apr 2016 05:36:00 +0000 iTUG - India TYPO3 User Group (Week 18) /blog/post/itug-india-typo3-user-group-week-18/ Startup: TYPO3 with Indian native language Hindi at https://translation.typo3.org/hi/, TYPO3 Translation: Support to TYPO3 Translation team. news-49 Fri, 22 Apr 2016 12:55:38 +0000 How to setup Latest News Template into EXT:news? /blog/post/how-to-setup-latest-news-template-into-extnews/ Are you in needs of ‘Latest News’ custom template & layout at news TYPO3 Extension? This post might useful for TYPO3 beginners. Unfortunately, default news only provides like Listing & Detail template. TYPO3 CMS T3EXT DAY TYPO3 Extension news-33 Sun, 20 Mar 2016 18:30:00 +0000 iTUG - India TYPO3 User Group (Week 10) /blog/post/itug-india-typo3-user-group-week-10/ Preparation for iTUG's official site, Finalize & QA Frontend News Management - fe_txnews, Prepare for initial release with Alpha version of fe_txnews TYPO3 Extension. news-32 Wed, 09 Mar 2016 18:30:00 +0000 Welcome to iTUG - INDIA TYPO3 User Group! /blog/post/welcome-to-itug-india-typo3-user-group/ NITSAN Team & iTUG has been appreciated by TYPO3 Community World. It's our pleasure to get such honor First time from INDIA & manage TYPO3 Community of INDIA. news-29 Tue, 09 Feb 2016 07:00:00 +0000 Top most used TYPO3 Extensions from TER /blog/post/top-most-used-typo3-extensions-from-ter/ TYPO3 is powered by a rich source of Extension library. Being open source, these TYPO3 Extensions are contributed by news-26 Wed, 06 Jan 2016 06:55:00 +0000 Independence Day Celebration /blog/post/independence-day-celebration/ We have celebrated Independence Day at our new office. We have decorated our new office with balloons, tricolor and