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Paysafe Group

Paysafe Group – a market leader with over 20 years of experience in payments.

Project Overview is one of the big corporate company providing payment solutions. The website is an information website for a payment solution called “Paysafe”. This includes information about the payment solutions, its benefits, allowed payment methods, digital wallets, clients etc. The payment solution is compatible with no. of platforms and also partnered with corporate agencies.

The website is build with modern design structure with the responsive view. Many CMS pages designed in this website shows the complete explanation of its developer and the solutions itself. We worked on different phases of website including Frontend integration, TYPO3 development and QA testing. Currently, we are also serving support and maintenance service too.


  • A Payment Solution
  • Modern/Responsive Design
  • Regions wise website
  • Story/Blog Development
  • Quationairs
  • Career Zone
  • Developer Zone
  • News

Core Highlights

  • Multilingual
  • Multidomain
  • TYPO3 8
  • Access and Rights
  • Follow GDPR
  • Speed and Performance
  • Concrete Security
  • Care SEO
  • Content Editing
  • 3rd Party Integration

Project Execution

  • We have developed the whole project with Agile Kanban Methodology
  • For the close-communication with the customer each and every details has been maintained in the ticket system
  • The customer meeting was held at the starting and completion of each Milestone/Module/Phase.
  • Implemented Staging and Live server automatic deployment system.
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Programming Platform

  • LAMP Platform 
  • PHP >= 7.x
  • Apache >= 2.x
  • MySQL >= 5.x

Frontend Development

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Responsive web design


  • TYPO3 8
  • Extbase/Fluid

QA Testing

  • Manual Automation Testing
  • UI/UX Design Testing
  • Functioning Testing
  • Browser/OS/Device Compatibility 
  • Speed Performance Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • QA Test Reports and Documentation
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The customer (Paysafe Group) has been designed (UI/UX) the site, It was our sole responsibility to make pixel perfect Frontend integration. Our frontend team developed it as follows:

  • Pixel perfect design integration
  • Made responsive web design as the provided design of Mobile and Tablet by the customer
  • First-mobile development approach
  • Liquid Layouts
  • Modern Styles and Effects
  • Compatible with Cross-browsers
  • Compatible with Cross-devices
  • CMS friendly HTML structure
  • SEO compatibility
  • Optimized Images
  • Code Clean-up
  • Performance Optimization
  • Validated W3C

Our certified TYPO3 template integrators have tried their best to integrate template in the way to achieve best-backend usability to make heaven for backend content editor users.

  • Install and Configure TYPO3 (using Composer)
  • Setup custom extension for templating (EXT:site_default)
  • Integrate Templates Using Fluid and TypoScript
  • Created number of Backend Layout
  • Setup Frontend Templates
  • Setup Grid System (using EXT:gridelements)
  • Extended Page Properties
  • Used TYPO3 Core Elements
  • Developed Custom Content Elements
  • Multi-level Forms Integration
  • Created Backend User groups and Users/Editors
  • Access and Rights

We have dedicated QA testing team who always take care well about the quality of the whole project, Here is the quick checklist as follows:

  • Cross-Platform Testing
  • UX/UI Testing
  • Pixel Perfect Design Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Backend Usability Testing
  • Issues/Bugs Fixing
  • Review Issues/Bugs
  • Provided detailed Backend Manual/Documentation

Operating system









latest and 2nd latest version


latest and 2nd latest version

Internet Explorer

latest and 2nd latest version


latest and 2nd latest version




panel and landscape format


panel and landscape format

Challenges & Solutions

Paysafe Development Time Story


One of the important feature of the site is Stories/Blog where the author can write their blog post/article with features as follows:


  • Setup Workspace for Author and Publisher (draft to read-for-publish)
  • Comment feature (form and moderation)
  • Author profile
  • Posts listing for the author


  • Install and configure one of the most popular TYPO3 EXT:news
  • Extend news extension for Author (by merging them to be_users)
  • Setup workspace for editors and publishers eg., View draft before publishing.
  • Custom extension developed for Comment feature which includes comment form, captcha and backend moderation.
  • Note: Later on we have developed such an extension for the TYPO3 community and published at TER

Speed and Performance

As Paysafe is one of the big brand, there is a vast number of visitors, so since starting to ends of the project, we always take care well about performance.


  • Large number of visitors
  • Site should be load within seconds across all the region


Backend Usability


  • Many backend “non-technical” editors
  • Should be very easy to understand and work with the backend management


  • Simple backend layout options
  • Implemented Grid Container System
  • Provided flexibility to manage any content to any page system
  • Usage many TYPO3 core elements
  • Integrated easy and flexible content elements
  • Provided detailed “Backend Manual”
  • And, wherever required, we have given screen share demo

Questionnaire Module


There should be a series of questions having different options as answers. When a user chooses their answers they should be asked other relevant questions. The user should be able to see the progress and status of current question.

At the end of the questionnaire, a user should be redirected to Internal or External pages. The module should be flexible to be used. It should handle the maximum amount of question list. A user should not experience the page reload. All operations should be quick and easy.


Accordingly custom requirement by the customer, We have developed custom Extbase/Fluid extension to achieve all the features.

Note: This feature is still not published on the LIVE server.

TYPO3 Statistics

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TYPO3 version
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  • Desktop
  • Mobile Device

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