NITSAN celebrated festivals of colors - Holi 2019

12 Jun 2019

Colors… Fun… Happy cheers… and the Non-Stop Masti… Sounds familiar… Yeah! It was Holi! Like every year, NITSAN Technologies Pvt. Ltd. celebrated Holi in the office terrace with great excitement to mark the festival which heralds the onset of spring in all its vibrant colors.
Since Holi was declared an off day from work, we decided to enjoy the essence of Holi on 20 of March, this year greeting each other with Gulal. It was all about spreading love, joy, and happiness.

NITSAN Team enjoyed this festival of Holi with fun game activity and ending with spreading all the different colors with every member of NITSAN Team.

Colorful Games & fun

The celebration began at around 5 P.M. after everyone was done with their work.

We organized a Competition between the employees' by dividing them into three teams maned as Pink Panther, purple pebble and orange crushers and they enjoyed playing games called "Zombie race" and "Balloon fly".

All three teams were in a tough competition with one another to win the game. We could see the laughter, smiles bloomed on everyone faces.

Blooming colors! Bura Na Mano Holi Hai!

It was great to see the colors of Holi, engulfing the air and ambiance. We all gathered in the activity area and splashing of gulal at each other started. A few of the employees were hesitant in the beginning, however, started taking part in the celebration after some time. Shouts of joy and cheers from every one added to the festive mood. Our HRs had kept in mind the color-related skin hazards and therefore, had arranged organic colors.

To wrap up, our holi celebration has ended and we capture our memories. This holi NITSAN wishes may Colours fill your world with beauty and happiness.


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