Monsoon Trekking

NITSAN planned a Monsoon trekking trip to Hastagiri.

11 Aug 2018 | Trips

Monsoon Trekking

NITSAN planned a Monsoon trekking trip to Hastagiri.

NITSAN Team on Trekking

Don’t we all just love the hills? Don’t we all yearn to escape the fast track city life and indulge in cool, fresh, invigorating air of the mountains, exciting getaway that erases the stress and damage of our jam packed lifestyles and rejuvenates our soul?

NITSAN planned a Monsoon trekking trip to Hastagiri to bring refreshment and also to have fun with NITSAN family apart from office and a daylong picnic is something we always get excited about! Monsoon is probably the best season to experience lush green landscapes all around.

So, our journey started at early morning, 4 AM with the popular travelling game "Antakshari" and at 6 AM we reached Hastagiri where everyone activated the Trekking mode ON. There were dark clouds which made this place more beautiful. With exploring the beauty of nature to munching on delicacies we were all set to climb the hills.

You bring your own weather to the picnic.

Harlan Coben

The Spirit that gets boost up together

We started our trekking with full energy and confidence. The hill was 591 meters high with 1800 steps to climb on. With lots of fun, songs, talks, photography sessions and happiness we finally reached on the top of the hill. The green cover is all encompassing.

Everyone was awestruck with the view that we observed from the top of the temple. Soft raindrops gently falling on face, Palm trees rustling in the breeze, peacock screeching at distance, Grey clouds move swiftly through the sky and closing our eyes and deeply inhaling the heavy monsoon air with sweet moist smell of mother earth!! Isn't this is what we actually call nature? Everyone sitting out in the soothing afternoon and refreshing breeze and finally the rain shower added extra beauty to the trip! Finally, we succeeded in our trekking. The best part of all was the beauty of nature that we had enjoyed utmost.

Alas! It was the time to return back to pavilion. All were so tired this time due to trekking that all were waiting soon to be home and rest. But must say a memorable lovely trip it was.


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