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Top 10 TYPO3 Experts to Follow on Social Media

Hey TYPO3 lovers, I know you are always looking to increase your TYPO3 knowledge, skills and keep yourself updated with the latest TYPO3 news and events.

But you probably don’t know and don’t have extra time to figure out where you should be looking for that knowledge. Following TYPO3 experts on social media is the fastest and easiest way to get the right information. But it’s not always easy to decide who to follow and where you get most information.

TYPO3 CMS delivers top-notch business value to marketers and organizations by promoting them in the realm of the digital world. To be precise, TYPO3 is an Enterprise Content Management System. TYPO3 is the ideal choice for those who are looking forward to managing and creating any kind of digital content. To harness the potential of TYPO3, you have to follow the right experts on Twitter and LinkedIn to get their valuable inputs. TYPO3 comprises a vibrant professional community in major social media platforms from where you get all your questions answered for your next project.

Let's get started, these are 10 of the best TYPO3 experts to follow right now.

Our Top 10 TYPO3 Experts

1. Mathias Schreiber

“Life is when doing, the right thing is the thing that causes you the most pain.”





Mathias hails from an advertising background in the music industry. His first association with TYPO3 took place in 2001 when he became an integral part of netfielders. He has made some noteworthy contributions to the 6.2 release of TYPO3. In 2016, he became the CEO of TYPO3 to bolster the growth of the company across the globe. He still has his penchant intact towards playing guitar during off time.

2. Benjamin Kott

“Still in love with the #TYPO3 backend on mobile. I can fix errors on the go, while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green.”




Benjamin Kott is best known as the frontend developer at TYPO3. He has the unique distinction of collaborating on projects that are based on TYPO3 CMS from mid to enterprise level. His immense expertise in Bootstrap Package has enabled it to be used as the codebase for the formal TYPO3 CMS introduction. His well-detailed Bootstrap Package is often portrayed as the best practice example of the ways to design websites by using the TYPO3 CMS.

3. Benni Mack

“When you wake up every day and know you get to do something you love... that should matter the most in your life!”


Benni Mack is best known as the force behind the upsurge of TYPO3 in recent years. He is the project lead of the TYPO3 core development team. He has immense technical expertise in product integrations and APIs. He is also the CTO of b13 GmbH which is a digital agency of TYPO3 in Germany. Benni has immense expertise in contributing to several open-source projects like PHP-FIG. He is responsible to make big brands adapt to sustainable digital experiences.

4. Susanne Moog

“Management is not a promotion - it’s a career change”




Hailing from the stream of media economics, Susanne Moog is a key asset of the TYPO3 project. For a decade, she has contributed to the TYPO3 project actively. Though she is from the field of economics, she quickly realized that programming is more than a hobby for her. Currently, she is contributing immensely to the TYPO3 GmbH as a CTO. In her free time, she loves cooking and solving code katas.

5. Olivier Dobberkau (Mr. President of TYPO3 Association)

“A future-proof CMS will be recognized by its content repository, easy editing, high integration, extendibility & standard comformity.”



Olivier Dobberkau is the Chairman of the Board of the TYPO3 Association. He also holds the prestigious position of CEO of the DKD Internet Service GmbH. He is best known in the TYPO3 community for his contributions to the Apache Solr project of TYPO3. Since 2014, he is the president of theTYPO3 association. His vision is to make the TYPO3 marketplace more vibrant.

6. Georg Ringer

“Usability and accessibility are as chocolate in cookies. You can't add if after baking, you need to think about it before”




Georg Ringer is a popular name in the realms of TYPO3 news extensions. For a decade, he has been actively involved in various types of TYPO3 projects. He has published several extensions that can be easily found in the extension repository of TYPO3. His vast knowledge of extension repositories has made him a well-known face in the active community of TYPO3. He is also responsible to implement the latest security techniques in TYPO3. Follow him to know more about the latest development in TYPO3 extensions.

7. Oliver Hader

“One of my other passions: Volunteering for German RedCross”




Oliver Hader started his journey as an integrator and developer in TYPO3. Since 2005, his focus has always been on understanding and explaining the benefit of using information technology. His diploma thesis on “Inline Relational Record Editing” about the main features of TYPO3 has won many accolades. Since 2019, he is the leader of the TYPO3 security team.

8. Mathias Bolt Lesniak

“The People, that’s you and me. Never underestimate the value of a smile or the other little things that make people feel at home in our #TYPO3 community.”



Mathias Bolt Lesniak was elected as the first assessor of the TYPO3 Association way back in 2016. Currently, he oversees the operations of the press and communications work of TYPO3. His main aim is to increase the visibility of TYPO3 outside Central Europe. He has been using TYPO3 since 2003 and is a certified integrator.

9. Ric van Westhreenen

“If you're afraid for competition, stop competing and change.”



Ric van Westhreenen has been a part of TYPO3 community since 2005. He became the vice-president of the TYPO3 Association Board in 2013. To be precise, he has an independent role within the board. Follow him to know about the strategies that can increase the value of TYPO3. As the vice-president, he wants to make TYPO3 a familiar CMS across the world.

10. Alex Kellner

“If there is one who likes the Corona-Crisis then it is Disney+”


LinkedIn: h

Alex Kellner is a popular name in the development of interactive TYPO3 repositories. He is credited with the development of the repository known as Powermail. It is gaining steady popularity over the years as it has an editor-friendly and powerful interface. Alex Kellner is also an active member of the community forums of TYPO3. Follow him to know more about his excellent skills in developing extensions and repositories.

The Bottom Line

These TYPO3 experts provide incredible value to their followers. The best part is they are very much active and engaged in social media communities. They regularly share expert insight, news and information about TYPO3 that you can use in your work.

Take advantage by following these 10 TYPO3 experts on your favourite social media channels today.

Who did we miss? Please share his or her name in comments!

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