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This year at TYPO3 Developer Days, Karlsruhe

This year at TYPO3 Developer Days, Karlsruhe


Last year NITSAN had attended T3DD18, Dusseldorf, Germany and was looking forward to attending T3DD19, Karlsruhe. And here is the moment! TYPO3 Developers day gives you the opportunity to contribute to TYPO3. Of course, contributing to TYPO3 is always an option, but during Developer Days, you get down to avail knowledge from expert talks, share ideas, TYPO3 certification and healthy bond of togetherness for TYPO3 community. Developer Days is held annually and every time it’s in a different country. Despite its size, you have a feeling that you know everyone because you see all of the happy familiar faces from the great TYPO3 community. August 2019, it was time for TYPO3 Developer Days 2019 at Karlsruhe. If you are wondering how Developer Days are organized and how they can benefit you, continue reading this blog :)

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