This year at TYPO3 Developer Days, Karlsruhe

This year at TYPO3 Developer Days, Karlsruhe

This year at TYPO3 Developer Days, Karlsruhe

Last year NITSAN had attended T3DD18, Dusseldorf, Germany and was looking forward to attending T3DD19, Karlsruhe. And here is the moment!

TYPO3 Developers day gives you the opportunity to contribute to TYPO3. Of course, contributing to TYPO3 is always an option, but during Developer Days, you get down to avail knowledge from expert talks, share ideas, TYPO3 certification and healthy bond of togetherness for TYPO3 community. 

Developer Days is held annually and every time it’s in a different country. Despite its size, you have a feeling that you know everyone because you see all of the happy familiar faces from the great TYPO3 community.

August 2019, it was time for TYPO3 Developer Days 2019 at Karlsruhe. 

If you are wondering how Developer Days are organized and how they can benefit you, continue reading this blog :)

And the journey to T3DD, Karlsruhe begins!

We initiated our journey from Bhavnagar, India and after 35 hours of journey, Woohoo we landed to Karlsruhe(Germany)! Karlsruhe, a beautiful and peaceful city. We were all set for T3DD19 to gain knowledge, share the talks and to more explore the community.

Welcome kit

As soon as we arrived at the venue i.e AcademieHotel, we were overwhelmed by a sense of belonging. Everyone was eager for the event to begin and were discussing TYPO3 together.
We were provided cool TYPO3 T-shirts, bags and goodies.
It was a wonderful thing to be a part of, and an excellent start to our Developer Days.

Keynote by Benni and Susi - X marks the spot - TYPO3 v10

OMG! Benni and Susi (TYPO3 core team) express their feelings from the heart at Keynotes of the conference. Generally, such a technical event always has “technique talks” at the start of the event. But this time, Keynote was about to inspire and motivate people to be part of the upcoming TYPO3 v10. Highly recommend watching Keynote video

Talk Highlights

There were 43 talks across three tracks and with 3 talk tracks, it’s hard to see all the talks you want to. We tried not to worry about that much and tried to attend the ones we could as we can catch the talks later on when live-streamed videos gets available on the Official Youtube channel of TYPO3. 

Our CTO’s talks

It was our pleasure to deliver two expert talk sessions as the speaker. Sanjay Chauhan delivered a talk in two sessions on “Essential Solutions for TYPO3 Productivity” which was appreciated and loved by all the TYPO3 attendees. It was an amazing experience to share views, thoughts, ideas, and knowledge with the community. Thanks to the TYPO3 community for this platform.

You may refer to the documentation and videos of the talk to avail the benefits of talk.

You may explore video session of my talk at T3DD19 here:

Our Developer Got TCCD Certification

This year, our TYPO3 developer, Bhavin Barad also attended TYPO3 developer days and has attempted and has cleared the TYPO3 CMS certified developer exam in the very first attempt and achieved TYPO3 Certification i.e. TCCD - TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer.

This exam is quite challenging and clearing in the first attempt is quite tough, although hard work pays off! Many Congratulations to Bhavin for gaining this well-deserved accolade.

Coding Night

Yay! What a productive TYPO3 coding night! Team NITSAN feels fortunate to be contributors. Kudos to TYPO3 People for deep dedication and success for the coding night. 
We were glad to be the Badge sponsors for this event and moreover, you will find all the developers very enthusiastic to participate in Coding night.

TYPO3 Panel Discussion

The very first time in the history of TYPO3, technical panel discussions were conducted. There was a Panel discussion on the topic "TYPO3 vs Other CMS"  with members of the Core TYPO3 community and association to share their knowledge and opinions on the most sizzling topic for the TYPO3 community members.

The event was hosted by Sanjay and the chief panel discussion members were Benni Mack, Mathias Schreiber, Georg Ringer, and Mathias Bolt.

It was both exciting and enlightening for us to discuss different CMSs', the community’s concerns, and the future of TYPO3. It was great knowing thoughts, ideas, and differences in viewpoints among the four guests, the importance and vitality of a better future for TYPO3 was a common thing. Also, Sanjay made sure that the session was knowledgeable, technical, optimistic and funny as well with the choice of his questions for the session!

Social get-together

TYPO3 events are usually the best place to start building your relationships with some of the greatest TYPO3 community members out there.

Obviously, the people you chat with at Developer days were knowledge banks and founders or executives. Just meeting and chatting with some “regular” like-minded product people, can be very satisfying and beneficial for you. You can never know where your next genius idea is going to come from!

Food, Drinks, and Fun

Food and drinks, we just LOVED IT! Can’t wait to have those delicacies again! It is always fun and excitement to explore new cultures and food! And as food is a reflection of the culture, we loved both. One of the best things about the events in Germany we would say is the food.

Shout out to everyone at T3DD

Overall, we experienced T3DD an awesome event. The Karlsruhe and Academie Hotel was the perfect location, and it’s a perfect size as well. We enjoyed the people we met, the things we did, the food that we ate and the time spent in such an amazing city.

We’d like to thank TYPO3 Association and GmbH, Punkt (event organizer) and volunteers who take so many hours out to prepare these awesome events; and the sponsors who help fund the great event.

And without the speakers, who take their time to come spread knowledge and information for nothing in return but a sweet sponsor momento, it wouldn’t be a TYPO3 Developer day!

TYPO3 Developer Days 2020!

Alas! TYPO3 Developer Days 2019 has concluded! Recalling the amazing experience of TYPO3 Developer days at Karlsruhe – I am definitely going to attend next Developers Day in 2020. 

Also, we are attending the upcoming TYPO3 Conference 2019 (T3CON19) in October at the Hague, Netherlands. If you’re planning to also attend – remember to tap my shoulder and say hi :)

Sanjay Chauhan - TYPO3 Technopreneur

Ein junger Technologie-Enthusiast und Unternehmer. Mit 24 Jahren war er Mitbegründer von NITSAN - einer TYPO3-Agentur in Bhavnagar, Indien. Er ist ein gefragter Vermarkter von NITSAN, akkreditiert mit dem Management von Kundendienstteams, Kooperationen mit Agenturen und Kunden, Projektausführungen und mehr. Ein Tech-Typ im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes, Sanjay ist der eigentliche TYPO3 Guru bei NITSAN.

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