[iTUG] TYPO3 is now available with HINDI too!

[iTUG] TYPO3 is now available with HINDI too!

We have great News! The team iTUG (India TYPO3 UserGroup) is excited to announce: TYPO3 is also available in Hindi.

About Hindi Language

Hindi is an official language of the Union of India.
Hindi is the fourth-most natively spoken language in the world, after Mandarin, Spanish and English.


At 16th April 2016, We had a webinar on T3BD (TYPO3 Contribution Bootup Day) which was arranged by Mathias Schreiber - The TYPO3 Product Owner & CEO of TYPO3 Inc. We had discussed many thing like TYPO3 Community, Internalization, Motivation to iTUG etc. Suddenly he just said ‘Hey! You guys should do the TYPO3 Translation for your native language - Hindi’, We just accepted such great opportunity by saying ‘Yes, we’ll do it’.

Special thanks to Mathias for the idea of TYPO3 Hindi & to always motivating us!

And... the journey had started at iTUG - Week 18, We have started TYPO3 Hindi translation on May 7th 2016 - http://www.nitsan.in/blog/post/itug-india-typo3-user-group-week-18/


Thanks to TYPO3 translation Team

We would like to thank the TYPO3 Translation Team. Special thanks to Xavier Perseguers who has given us administrator rights on the Hindi translation server at https://translation.typo3.org/hi/ & also he was supporting us throughout the process.

At TYPO3 Translation Server

TYPO3 Translation server is running with one of the best translation tools called “Pootl” - http://pootle.translatehouse.org/ In the first phase, our main focus was to translate all the TYPO3 Backend Modules.

1. TYPO3 Core CMS:

Projects related to TYPO3 CMS itself are prefixed with TYPO3.core.

2. Extensions from TER:

Projects related to 3rd-party extensions are prefixed with TYPO3.ext.

We have almost completed backend T3 modules like TYPO3.core.cms, TYPO3.core.about, TYPO3.core.install, TYPO3.core. Etc., Our next aim is to do the translation of the most popular TYPO3 Extensions like TYPO3.ext.news, TYPO3.ext.powermail etc.,


In Numbers

  • 120+ Hours, We have completed TYPO3 Hindi translation of Backend Modules.
  • 150+ Samosas
  • 4+ Continuously Involved TYPO3-Hindi People
  • 7+ Usergroup Meetings
  • 2+ Hindi Language Testers


Join Us

We are getting continuous support from the community concerning technical & non-technical matters. For this project we have also received support from Indian/Asian TYPO3 activists. Please join us at www.iTUG.in to contribute more to world’s most powerful CMS since 1997.

TYPO3 Backend in Hindi Language

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Happy TYPO3 Hindi!

Sanjay Chauhan - TYPO3 Technopreneur

Ein junger Technologie-Enthusiast und Unternehmer. Mit 24 Jahren war er Mitbegründer von NITSAN - einer TYPO3-Agentur in Bhavnagar, Indien. Er ist ein gefragter Vermarkter von NITSAN, akkreditiert mit dem Management von Kundendienstteams, Kooperationen mit Agenturen und Kunden, Projektausführungen und mehr. Ein Tech-Typ im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes, Sanjay ist der eigentliche TYPO3 Guru bei NITSAN.

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