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How to setup Latest News Template into EXT:news?

Are you in needs of ‘Latest News’ custom template & layout at news TYPO3 Extension? This post might useful for TYPO3 beginners who is not much aware with one of the most popular TYPO3 Extension:news. Unfortunately, default news only provides like Listing & Detail template selection at their plugin configuration, As of course each site require Latest news display like at landing/home page.

No worries, It’s quite easy to setup with few line of code with TypoScript & Fluid. Here is the step by step details to setup Custom template & layout for news TYPO3 Extension. Let’s consider the example which require ‘Latest News’ Layout & Template selection at news.

Step 1: Setup TSConfig

Add below TSConfig code at your TYPO3 Root Page > Edit > Preferences > Resources > Page TSConfig

tx_news.templateLayouts {
 latestNewsLayout = Latest News Layout

Step 2: Template layout selection at News plugin options

Our new template layout will automatically displaying at each News plugin configuration. Just open news plugin and go at Template > Template Layout and select ‘Latest News Layout’

Step 3: Fluid Template Adjustment

It’s time to setup our new template code into news Fluid template. Just open your extension template folder Partials/List/ and copy Item.html to the LatestNews.html
Now edit the Templates/News/List.html as follows:

<f:for as="newsItem" each="{news}">
  <f:render arguments="{newsItem: newsItem, settings:settings, className:className, view:'list'}" partial="List/Item">

<f:for as="newsItem" each="{news}"> 
  <f:if condition="{0:settings.templateLayout} == {0:'latestNewsLayout'}">
	 <f:render arguments="{newsItem: newsItem, settings:settings, className:className, view:'list'}" partial="List/LatestNews">
	<f:render arguments="{newsItem: newsItem, settings:settings, className:className, view:'list'}" partial="List/Item">

Of course, Now you just need to adjust your needed HTML wrapper to display proper layout at Partials/List/LatestNews.html

That’s it, The Latest news template has been ready to be rendering at your awesome site!

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