Summer Trip
02 Jun 2018 | Trips

Summer Trip at AQUA BLISS Water-Park

In the hot season of summer NITSAN plans to chill out and enjoy trip at the wonderful Aqua Bliss water park.

Summer Trip at AQUA BLISS Water-Park - 2018

In the hot season of summer NITSAN plans to chill out and enjoy trip at the wonderful Aqua Bliss water park.

The Fun Begins!

It was 02nd June when all of us were ready to reach out to our destination. The whole team was very much excited for the trip as it was the time where they can get refreshment out of busy hectic schedules. So, the fun begins with very starting part of the trip, it was dark night when we all gathered on time waiting for our bus to arrive. Once we all settled in the bus, it was the time for some selfies with the group! Photos are mandatory; moments captured in photos will help to cherish it.

The journey continued with the beautiful and besura songs in the game of antakshari. But the fun of listening to all songs and commenting on different songs was making the game of antakshari more lively. Gradually, some enjoyed the journey gazing outside the window, some were exploring their mobile phone and some were capturing the funny pictures of other who fell asleep.

Like this, the journey was about to end, soon we were about to reach our destination. The early morning sun and the cold breeze gave us the feel cold weather in the hot season!

AQUA BLISS – Water-Park!

Yaay! Amazing place we can see with the beautiful huge dragon design entrance. As the title says, Aqua Bliss Water-park which is located near Mehsana, Ahmedabad. Soon the rush of crowd began as the entry time came near, we all were enjoying the moments and capturing it in photos. Lots of selfies, group photos and the crazy fun was captured in the waiting time before we could enter the water park.

We all were then standing in the queue, slowly the waiting time was about to end. It was the time to cherish the most adventurous rides and enjoy in the chill water in this hot season. We all were inside the water-park, and all were set in swimming costumes to jump inside the very first swimming pool. There were many different water rides, Adventurous rides, Thrilled Rides, Rain dance booth, Wave pool, and lots more to do.

All of us enjoyed the different rides one by one, we could listen everyone’s screams, some screams were of excitement, some were as they were afraid of heights, some were funny and some scary. The time passed and list of rides was still long. In the noon all had delicious lunch together and soon completing it few rested few was back to enjoy the rest rides.

It was evening; time to end up was near but we all wanted to keep enjoying the all rides. But Alas, Tik Tok doesn’t stop.. We all had to say goodbye to all rides, fresh up and bus was waiting for us to take us back to our pavilion.

As we settled in the bus, we all could feel the restlessness; all were damn tired as all of us had hell out of fun in rides, wave pool, dancing in rain and doing lots of craziness. All rested, and the journey of returning passed in relaxing. Soon Bhavnagar arrived, and it was time to be apart now.

But, Must say a trip with lot of memorable moments to cherish was created that day.