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Sports Day 2021 | Celebrations

Sports Day Celebration | 2021

To commemorate Sports Day, we held a celebration at NITSAN Technologies.

Sports Day Celebration At NITSAN (2021)

NITSAN celebrated Sports Day supporting with Foosball, Ludo, Chess and carrom. It was really fun, explore our sports day!

Start Of The Day

Sports days are always fun. People with different energy and skill levels compete with each other and sometimes it becomes so funny and memorable.

It gives you the chance to get to know people you don’t usually hangout with, It makes everyone a single entity with such diversity.

Talking about NITSAN’s sports history, it hasn’t been great if you know us from a long time but we decided to change it as when it comes to sports, Indians never lag behind.

How we got the idea

Our office has games like Foosball and Carrom and we regularly play games in our lunch time and after office hours but one thing we got to know that people here at NITSAN are so passionate about games and scoring high so we decided to organize a sports day where everyone gets to participate in maximum of two games out of 4 games (Chess and Ludo included).

Games We Had

- We had 4 games

1. Foosball

2. Carrom

3. Chess

4. Ludo

Each game had it’s tournament wise table with the games pre-planned to reduce confusion.

We had a referee/organizer, Which we constantly messed with (just for fun, you know)

Let’s Play

We started the sports day with a game of Foosball, followed by Carrom, Ludo and Chess

Foosball was the center of attraction

But Carrom wasn’t lagging behind at all

Sadly the enthusiasm for Chess wasn’t that much but we still had fun watching this incredible mind game

Ludo brought everyone together

Trophies and Gifts


Here are our winners (the results were very VERY unexpected)


These guys played really well


You are watching two of the most surprising winners of the Carrom Tournament


It was a nice game but the time was up and this fun looking guy won


The Ludo tournament was never completed because the day was about to end.

NSPL Announcement

The most famous game was Foosball (Obviously, because it looks cool and all)

But foosball was the game where we saw real dedication, excitement and hunger to win in our members.

So we decided to arrange NITSAN Premier League (NSPL) specifically for Foosball where every Team will play with every other team from the tournament and the winners will be awarded.

Thanks for scrolling till here.

Lastly, We hope there will be many more sports days on the way and we will play and laugh harder every time.

Playing with these funny and energetic souls made us laugh so hard and there was excitement and enthusiasm in the air.