03 Jun 2019 | Trips

NITSAN’s exhilarating year end trip

NITSAN celebrated 31st at Mount Shadow Resort. This time we took the resort on rent and celebrated it in a true ‘family’ style.

NITSAN’s exhilarating year end trip

NITSAN celebrated 31st at Mount Shadow Resort. This time we took the resort on rent and celebrated it in a true ‘family’ style.

With the most beautiful time of the year approaching that is New year calls for office trip to spend quality time with NITSAN family. NITSAN truly understands the need of leisure and fun in employees’.

After much discussion we finally decided to celebrate our 31st at Mount Shadow Resort. An excellent place 25 kms away from Bhavnagar to stay and relax away from pollution and city shore in laps of nature.

Unlike typical celebration of team outing at tourist destination, this time we have decided to rent a resort and celebrated the event in a true ‘family’ style. It was one of a kind an event with team bonding events, lots of games, good food, good music, and good fun.

It was a chilling monday morning and and we decided to have a roadtrip to destination on our vehicles. The rising sun and cold breeze added a charm to this trip.

The place was just 45 minutes away from our office, yet serene and isolated, and gave us a feeling that we are really far away from the city buzz.

The destination was at a great height from ground level. The destination had spectacular views, mountains, magnificent architecture and eye pleasing greenery.

As we reached destination we were welcomed warmly by the staff and were greeted with hot breakfast and tea.

Game time, fun time!

After the breakfast session the adventure started to unfold. We initiated playing games with “toss the ball” by targeting the person in middle and catching them with ball.

And then it was time for volleyball. We made two different groups and played volleyball continuously for 3 hours!

Some enjoyed themselves with badminton too!

We explored the place, it’s greenery, ambiance and beautiful villas too! The most interesting game of time “Truth or dare” awaited us! It was too fun to tease one other with their personal interests, crushes, secrets and funniest dares!

But we must agree this game brought a feeling of family for each other within us and we begun understanding each other in a better way.

The game isn't over till the clock says zero. We enjoyed card games like UNO, rummy and teen patti. Obviously with lots of fun and cheatings :D

Count your age by good memories, not years.

We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. We enjoyed clicking a lot of photos with our photogenic NITSAN family!

Employees as Best friends are the people you can do anything and nothing with and still have the best time.

Being photogenic while giving cheesy pose has its own relevance. A quick snaps with NITSAN fam!

The activities were followed by delicious lunch buffet. And yes! We ended up in the villas to relax, and finally the evening concluded with hot tea, coffee, freshly baked cookies and sizzling pakoras!

An end to 2018 and best start of 2019!

Not to mention, going for a team outing is the best thing to have some fun and a great way to relax and chill out from a regular life.

It also gives new joinees an opportunity to know their colleagues outside of the office.

This trip gave a lot of memories to cherish! And we are all set for the next trip and upcoming new year.