NITSAN’s 8th Sparkling anniversary
23 Feb 2019 | Celebrations

NITSAN’s 8th Sparkling anniversary celebration

NITSAN member longs with excitement throughout the year for OUR ESTABLISHMENT DAY- 1st February and NITSAN's birthday!

NITSAN’s 8th Sparkling anniversary celebration

NITSAN member longs with excitement throughout the year for OUR ESTABLISHMENT DAY- 1st February and NITSAN's birthday!

As the year moves towards the month of February our excitement boosts up to another level as we get nearer to the day for which each NITSAN member longs throughout the year… OUR ESTABLISHMENT DAY- 1st February and it was NITSAN's 8th birthday!

This year it was even more exciting as we have achieved every milestone for which we dreamt last year.

Well, this time the day prior to our celebration was even more electrifying as we decorated our office together and each and every NITSAN member has been the part of this decoration. Fun that we had during the decoration is just unmatchable and extremely memorable... All were laughing and giggling at the same time everybody was giving their best to make the office look awesome!

The Celebration took place at Park View, Banquet Hall Bhavnagar which is a beautiful place where the anniversary celebration took place.


Whatever we are Today we owe this success to god and thank him for all the blessings he has bestowed upon NITSAN and we pray to continue his showering to keep us blessed and meet our needs - and we do so through the power of prayer. 

So we initiated our anniversary celebration with a beautiful prayer together!


Every celebration at NITSAN seems incomplete without cake!
The special feeling about the day was that everyone was too excited and flaunting as having their own birthdays… 
A choco truffle cake embellished with beautiful memories of 2018 with a unique chocolate taste made our start of the celebrations outstanding!


The fun began when we started playing games. We had a great start because we were going to have some crazy and funny games there.

So the first game started which was named as “Funny Rapid fire”. It was a game where the participants were asked funny questions for which in counter to them one had to give the funny irrelevant answer. The questions and answers were too funny reflecting humor and sarcasm of NITSAN members!

We had another crazy game “Guide your fellow”. It was a communication-based game. Here, we could not find words about how we all have enjoyed this game.

It was about one partner having a blindfold on their eyes and another person have to guide them to reach the destinations through obstacles placed in between. The game turned out to be so funny when a player with blindfold opened the door of the banquet hall and went out! We laughed so much that we are still having stomach aches.

Though the game was full of fun, we learned a very important lesson out of this that how communication gap arises from the very basic level which turns out to be a blunder at the end!


Nilesh and Ravi, the nightingales of NITSAN sang beautiful songs and gazal that touched everyone’s heart! Melodious songs like “Laadki”, “Vhalam” and “Nayan ne bandh rakhi ne” filled our hearts with emotions they conveyed with their melodious songs.

Our senior TYPO3 developer Sonal Chauhan sang a beautiful song she specially composed for NITSAN - “NITSAN ki baat to hum jane hai”


Milan and Nilesh entertained us with their unmatched humor and jokes. They did mimicry of various Bollywood actors and gave us stomach aches with their comedy!


Nitin Chauhan (Founder & CEO of NITSAN Technologies), appreciated everyone to be part of all the achievements NITSAN achieved this year.

He shared milestones, goals, plans, and dreams that we are going to achieve this year. The journey of 8 years from initial years today till day clearly states we have evolved and developed at a rapid speed with rapid growth and that gives us the goosebumps!

We have our visions clear for the year 2019 and big goals to achieve. The presentation motivated us to perform our best by all means as we have many more golden dreams in our way that are to be turned to reality!


Towards the end of the day, we have organized an award function, which appreciates the performance and uniqueness of our employees and encourages them to do their best!

There were 3 rewards as below:
Shining Star Award - Mehul Nimavat
Best Employee Award - Keval Pandya
Longest years of service Award - Jignesh Boricha


It was time to pass on our good wishes from team members of NITSAN Family. We gave the gift to NITSAN board members as a token of good wishes to them from the entire team.

We can't keep calm coz its GARBA time!

Following NITSAN’s tradition, no event is complete without playing Garba. Going with this we arranged one dance and DJ session for our team members. They danced like no one looked, played garba on famous songs and enjoyed to the fullest till the end. This turned out to be one of the most enjoyable activity for that day.


After dancing to the beats of music it was time to have some delicious dinner. And we enjoyed a wide spread of food starting from soup and starter to the main course to sweets and dessert. We surely know we were served the best one that day!


It was almost midnight and time to bid adieu to the venue and to the best of hospitality that we witnessed. The day full of fun, entertainment, pictures, songs, dances, gossips, food etc came to an end leaving behind memories to cherish forever and with a hope to have many more such golden years!