NITSAN Team on Office Trip 2018
06 Jan 2018 | Trips

NITSAN Team on Office Trip 2018

In the hot season of summer NITSAN plans to chill out and enjoy trip at the wonderful Aqua Bliss water park.

NITSAN Team on Office Trip 2018

NITSAN had a fabulous office trip to Thol, A Bird Sanctuary Park, Tirupati Rushivan, An Adventurous Park and Akshardham of Gandhinagar. #fun_unlimited

#Thrilling Experience #Three #Destination

Do you believe in taking a break from your daily routine stuff and going around, travelling around, exploring and just relaxing?

NITSAN believes in it, and not alone but taking all together for a break just to relax. So we planned a trip with not just one destination or two but we explored 3 destinations in 1 day having ultimate fun all together.

#Destination_1 #Thol #BirdSanctuaryPark

It was winter - a perfect time to enjoy the cold weather!

Starting our day with our first destination @Thol, A Bird Sanctuary Park near Ahmedabad city. We enjoyed the early morning #Breeze and #Sunrise also saw different colors of sky when the sun rises. Changing from totally dark to little sunny to totally orange and then comes a fine day! A very beautiful experience in the earliest morning with different sweet voices of birds where you can find numbers of different birds around you.

#Destination_2 #TirupatiRushivan #AdventurePark

Moving ahead, we reach to the most adventurous place of Gujarat  @Tirupati Rushivan, An Adventurous Park which has numbers of adventurous rides - you can see in the snaps. A place full lots of fun and enjoyment. It has 7 wonder’s statues inside, thrilled rides, and many more things that you can enjoy and spend a good day. You get all types of experience in this park - Adventurous, Trekking, Rifle Shooting, Archery, Jungle Safari, Water Park, altogether a day full of ultimate fun!

The time allotted was really not enough to cover all the activities that this place had. A good break that you can enjoy and forget all the worldly matters, it will really take you to a different world, a world of adventure. We all were refreshed completely with all the adventures, none of us had missed any of it, and we all had different experiences. #Beautiful_Adventurous #Memories were created in the park. As time was running out, we had one more place waiting for us. Unfortunately, we had to rush to reach out to our last and the least destination. So, our third destination was in Gandhinagar – Akshardham.

#Destination_3 #Akshardham #Water_Show

After enjoying different adventures, we reach to our last place @Akshardham of Gandhinagar to enjoy the water show of theirs which is very famous and after enjoying their water show we can say it is the most beautiful show that we had seen. The Most creative and with a beautiful story they presented. Relaxing and giving ourselves a good peace of mind with the amazing water show passing a beautiful spiritual message which really enlightened all of us.

Alas! After the show it was the time which no one wanted - to go back to our pavilion and get apart.

The #Trip was a real success with unlimited fun, best time spent together. So it is the best thing to do - to go around once in a while. You will totally freshen up yourself.