NITSAN’s New Office - New Beginnings in 2021!
1st Jan 2021 | Celebrations

NITSAN’s New Office - New Beginnings in 2021!

After 10 amazing years of growth, flourishment, and a splendid team, NITSAN has moved to a spectacular, new, and bigger office space at Victoria Heights.

NITSAN’s New Office - New Beginnings in 2021!

NITSAN moved to new spectacular office space with 10 years of success. It calls for a grand NITSAN Inauguration for NITSAN’s New Office. Check insights!

NITSAN Technologies, India – On 1st January 2021, with the start of the year, NITIN + SANJAY = NITSAN has surpassed a long-awaited dream of a New Elegant Office Space! 

After 10 amazing years of growth, flourishment, and a splendid team, NITSAN has moved to a spectacular, new, and bigger office space at Victoria Heights.

With the rapid growth of the organization, NITSAN needed to have a bigger space and required expansion. Talking about the new location is in the heart of a natural park, Victoria surrounded by greenery, lakes, and lavished scenery.

The beautiful 3500 square-foot space will allow the team to grow leaps and bounds in the coming years, with elegant working space, affirmative meeting rooms, and a large conference room loaded with the latest technology.

All these successes obviously called for a grand inauguration celebration function at NITSAN!

It wasn’t just another event focused on celebrating new office space, it also marked the completion of 10 years of NITSAN in the business. The premises were inaugurated traditionally, as is usual in India, with performing the auspicious rituals before moving into the new office space with staff and blessings of their family members.

We trust our expanded presence in India will help us better serve our customers globally. The world-class facilities at the new office provide the right environment for collaborative work with global teams. With more space and access to a talented workforce in India, we can ensure that the growth of our team’s size will keep pace with the growth of our business globally.

Inauguration Ceremony & Ribbon Cutting

The preparations started a few days before the grand inauguration day, with team NITSAN working excitingly to make the event a memorable one. On the eve of the opening, NITSAN premises were decorated in a beautiful way with NITSAN’s branded colors. 

The team was present in early the morning with their family members energized and happy for the event. Team members started walking in around 10:00 a.m. and were pretty enthusiastic about the whole affair of the grand opening. The mood was festive with a general excitement in the air.

With the Hindu tradition, Ganesh Pooja and Havan took place with chanting and noble prayings to god.

The new office of NITSAN was inaugurated by humble mothers of CEO Nitin Chauhan and CTO Sanjay Chauhan. The new office was inaugurated with best wishes and hope for a fruitful tomorrow as part of the company’s expansion to increase its presence in all means.

Congratulations and celebrations! Nitin Chauhan and Sanjay Chauhan inaugurated NITASN’s new office by cake cutting and cheering with NITSAN family to the new beginnings from Victoria Heights.

All the celebration attendees and their family members were served thanks for their esteemed presence.

NITSAN Premises and Celebrations

Everyone was excited to see the new office, after the inauguration. At the grand opening celebration family members and relatives of team members were invited for their gracious presence. Everyone enjoyed visiting the office and in the midst of coffee, snacks, and sweets. 

Followed by morning snacks and sweets, there were amazing dance and song performances by staff and little champs.

Team leads of TYPO3 and Front end department delivered future sneak peeks and insights of NITSAN to the audience and what vision NITSAN holds in nearer future. Guests and team members enjoyed an intellectual conversation and discussions, brainstorming ideas of increasing innovation and visibility.

To make the event even more special, the staff performed beautiful dance performances. After the official ceremony, the team bonded and celebrated by participating in fun games and activities including singing, and dancing.

With a lot of fun and happiness team NITSAN and their family members enjoyed lunch together at nearer lavish restaurant City Point! It was a worthwhile memory.

A day Spent Well!

NITSAN Family radiated joy and success with the company’s core values, growth, and achievements. It was a day dedicated to celebrating NITSAN! This day would be remembered for a lifetime as one of the great and enjoyable days in the life of the NITSAN family.