NITSAN's 10th Anniversary Celebration
18 Sep 2021 | Trips

NITSAN Team on Office Trip 2021

As NITSAN loves Diu, Following our last trip to Diu in 2019, We again went to Diu for our year and trip and activated full chill mode.

NITSAN, Diu and the Vibes! (2021)

As NITSAN loves Diu, Following our last trip to Diu in 2019, We again went to Diu for our year and trip and activated full chill mode.

Initially, The trip was decided for Gir Forest and then Junagadh Ropeway to gaze at the wildlife and nature and come as close as we can to the incredible beauty of God's creations.

But we eventually decided to go to Diu, Gujarat as the Junagadh Ropeway, the main event was closed due to the ongoing Corona pandemic.

So it’s a boys trip then!

This Diu trip will be the second time after the trip in 2019.

Fun fact

Even if India became independent from the British Empire in 1947, Diu which is a town of Gujarat, was still under the possession of the Portuguese until 1961. India invaded all of former Portuguese India under Operation Vijay. Diu island was occupied by the Indian military on 19 December 1961.

Source:- Wikipedia

Aaaannddd… Here we go again…

The Departure

The excitement and joy on our faces was the most real thing then because everyone needed it and deserved it.

As it is our ritual, we played some games in our office (Foosball and Carrom) until the bus came because the bus driver was extremely late due to some reasons.

We got settled on the bus all cheering up and shouting. It was 1 o’clock in the night and the bus moved to the first destination…

Tulsishyam is a scenic masterpiece

Most of us didn’t sleep the whole night, but the excitement was at its peak as you can probably tell!

We reached the gate of Gir National Park at 5:30 in the morning. They don’t open the gate before 6 am because Gir National Park is a wildlife sanctuary in Gujarat, western India. It was established to protect Asiatic lions. So we waited a good 30 minutes before entering the Forest.

Tulsishyam is a famous temple in the Gir National park, it is known for its breathtaking sceneries.

We quickly took a group photo because, why not?

We climbed to the top of the mountain for the view and inner peace and our efforts just did not disappoint us.

Heading to the second destination…

Droneshwar is just... perfect

Droneshwar is actually a religious place where the temple of Droneshwar Mahadev is located but it also has this undenying nature and man-made sceneries that you just can’t refuse.

This Dam looks so magical when overloaded, all the water coming through it creates this unmatched satisfying feeling.

Some of us took a well-deserved bath, others just took photos and enjoyed the view.

Next Up…  Azzaro Resort, Diu

We booked a kind of a stay-cation at the Azzaro Resort in Diu which is a 3-star resort with all the amenities and fun games and what not?

We reached the resort around 11:30, exhausted, restless, but still so energetic and excited for the much-needed enjoyment.

The property was very big, with spacious rooms, a mind-blowing swimming pool, a games zone, and a fantastic restaurant with very delicious food.

The first day was all about exploring the resort, chilling, and having fun. Everyone rested a bit and off we went to have our lunch, we ate like there’s no tomorrow as everyone was hungry. And then comes the main part, 

Swimming pooooolllll…

The day ended with a very good dinner and some party mode hours…

The Final day at Diu

Our final day at Diu looked something like this. We had a banger breakfast, Got ready for the day, No one was ready to leave the resort because it was too comfy and nobody liked a vacation ending, and we checked out of the resort.

Next up… Exploring Diu!

The first stop was Nagoa Beach, Obviously, because it feels illegal to come to Diu and not visit Nagoa Beach.

Unfortunately, swimming was prohibited because of the ongoing Corona Pandemic but hey, we can still watch the waves coming through right?

INS Khukri Memorial is truly a beauty


INS Khukri was a Type 14 (Blackwood-class) frigate of the Indian Navy. She was sunk off the coast of Diu, Gujarat, India by the Pakistan Navy Daphné-class submarine Hangor on 9 December 1971 during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. This was the first warship sunk in action by a submarine since World War II. 

It remains the post-Independence Indian navy's only warship to be lost in war to date.

Source:- Wikipedia

The place was very nice. It was peaceful if we exclude the direct sunlight we were getting from the sun itself. 

We had fun, We clicked photos, like a lot of them. The vibe was perfect and we didn’t fail to pose.

Some funny moments along the way

Next Up… Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple

Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is a beautiful waterfront place in Diu.

We then had a peaceful talk, laughter, and lunch planning with each other. The place was very peaceful and calming.

Photos coming up….

The last group photo before we get back to the pavilion

Heads Up… Interesting announcement!

We know photos don’t quite speak the full story that’s why we will be making a full video compilation of the whole journey. Stay Tuned...