NITSAN's 10th Anniversary Celebration
15th Aug 2021 | Celebrations

75th Indian Independence Day Celebration | 2021

To commemorate India’s 75th Independence Day, we held a celebration at NITSAN Technologies.

Independence Day Celebration - 75 Years Of Freedom!

We celebrated this Independence Day supporting with blood donation and food distribution Mission.

Start Of The Day

The day started with decorating the office with our flag’s tri-colors which are Orange (represents Courage & Strength), White (represents Peace & truth) and Green (represents Growth).

Here at NITSAN, we like to keep things to the minimum by not overpowering the scope of the day and ruining the feel of being raw.

Center Of Attractions For The Day

There were actually not one but two center of attractions for the day

  1. Donating blood to the Bhavnagar Blood Bank
  2. Distributing food and gifts to the students at K.K. School & Home For The Blind.

Blood Donation Camp At NITSAN

The Blood donation camp was to begin at around 4 o'clock and we were ready…

People here at NITSAN were so excited about it, everyone was joking around, laughing and having fun.

Most of the people here were first-timers and we are so proud of them for taking a step towards helping someone.

Looking at our excitement, even the Blooding donation agency guys were amazed.

Once blood donation was finished, we took a nice group photo with our members and the officials from the Blood Donation Bank.

Food and Gift Distribution at K.K. School: Home For The Blind

K.K. School AKA Andh Udhyog Shala is the home to the students who are specially-abled. We wanted to show our respect towards their unique life and indestructible confidence.

So we arranged some fruits, snacks, and gifts for them.

We distributed the Goods and gifts we brought for them.

Each one of them was different, having different skills and with different levels of blindness yet so confident and soft-spoken.

Then some of the students gave us an introduction of an app that helps them identify things on their phones by reading the text out loud and these people were so fast with their smartphones we could never imagine.

Once we distributed the essentials, we took a good group photo to end our Independence day celebration.

Wrapping up!

We always feel blessed that we can help someone and be the reason for someone's smile. We aspire to be a role model for everyone out there and we urge you to help someone needy around you and become a reason for the change.

Lastly, there are many more to come and we are ready every time we are needed and to do everything we can.