Holi Celebration 2018 of NITSAN Team

01 Mar 2018

#Rejoicing the festival with colors of life

The festival of colors, you get to enjoy every different colors of life at one fine day. The color of #Happiness #Memories #Joy #Fun #Togetherness #TeamSpirit. All together give a beautiful output with different colors.

NITSAN Team enjoyed this festival of Holi with colorful office decoration leading by fun game activity and ending with spreading all the different colors with every member of NITSAN Team. We organized a #Competition between the employees of 1 min fun Game, their enthusiastic to win was added excitement in the gaming activity. The Employees were divided in two groups named “Satrangi” and “Atrangi”. Both the team member was in cut to cut competition with each other to win the game. We could see the laughter, smiles on everyone faces which depicts that all had ultimate fun.

Life is like a rainbow. You need both rain and sun to make its colors appear.


#SpreadColors #SpreadHappiness

Then comes the main motto of holi, playing by spreading color is always favorite part of all. It shows how #Amazing it looks when you are surrounded by all the #Different #Color. After the Gaming Activity, we all enjoyed playing holi with holi colors. Each member’s face was covered with different colors; with such beautiful faces we enjoyed #Garba too. After all, enjoyment is also necessary and part of life, we believe that and so we provide space for all of us to have good fun #Memories in every festival. #NITSAN #Team really enjoyed playing safe holi with all its members.


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