06 Nov 2019 | Celebrations

Grand Diwali Celebration at NITSAN

With the sky - high enthusiasm among us, we celebrated Grand Diwali at NITSAN!

Grand Diwali Celebration at NITSAN

Diwali is the most awaited festival and symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. Celebrating the festival of lights at the office campus brings positivity and happiness in the lives of employees and NITSAN likes to do it in its own style every year.

NITSAN Technologies organized Diwali celebrations at the office for all of its employees, lifting the festive mood to the brim and bringing Diwali fun at the workspace. The mesmerizing rangoli, beautiful lamps, theme decoration were adding festive vibes to the NITSAN family.

With the sky-high enthusiasm among employees, who were all clad in Diwali ethnic wear, set the perfect tone to celebrate the festival of lights at the office.

Time for Diwali celebration

This year it was time for a competition with something unique and eco-friendly. On the 2nd of October, we pledged to reduce the use of plastic to its minimum. So the competition was to make 3 Diwali themed paper bags for each team.

The participants were divided into 3 teams with 4 members in each team. The team was build using random chit picking.

Teams were named “Team Helping hands”, “Team Eco vibes”, “Team Theli wala”. They were all set with their idea and were eager to implement it!

And the team “Theli wala” nailed that competition with their beautiful, innovative and festive paper thelis!

Gifts and sweet distribution

Diwali gifts and treats are love. Thusly, Diwali endowments must be astutely orchestrated. Diwali festivity is the perfect occasion to offer a token of thankfulness and keep the delegates' spirits high by gifting them something significant and intriguing.

And unlike every year, it was time for special gift distributions. This year it was categorized for the swift learner, best supportive leader, finance advisor, and most punctual employee award.

Dazzling lamps and vivid lights, mesmerizing rangolis, delicious food, and all the people in colorful traditional attires, with fun and activities this is how we celebrated Diwali this year. All the employees and management participated in the games and activities and took resolutions for the upcoming year, greeted each other happy Diwali and new year.