Diwali Celebration 2020
13 Nov 2020 | Celebrations

Glittering Diwali at NITSAN, 2020

At NITSAN, Diwali calls for that extra edge of celebration and festivity. Let's feel and explore how NITSAN celebrated diwali this year!

Glittering Diwali at NITSAN, 2020

We celebrated Diwali with glittering beaming office, fun activity and spreading wishes, happiness, fun and greetings with every member of NITSAN Team.

Diwali being one of the most awaited and celebrated festivals for Indians across the globe, it comes as no surprise that the NITSAN family would wholeheartedly throw themselves into celebrating the festival of lights with full gusto and aplomb!

The build up to the main day is just as exciting as the main event and our whole workspace comes alive with team members getting into the festive and party mood even as they adhere to their day-to-day work schedules. 

When its Diwali, its the festival of lights and the first thing we do is decorate our beautiful office’s with Diya’s and lights. Festive mode begins at NITSAN with beautiful Rangolis in premises!

Let each diya you light bring a glow of happiness on your face and enlighten your soul.

#SpreadLight #SpreadHappiness

Everyone at NITSAN were in traditional Indian Attire, boys in Kurta and girls in sarees. Everyone looked charming and were gleamed up with festive vibes.

Diya Decoration Competition: Let the light spread!

Diya depicts light and using Diya, we light up our places to welcome everyone. This time team NITSAN had an interesting competetion up, "Diya Decoration" Competetion.

Each team was divided into 4 participants in each. Team was provoded 4 different types of diya to decorate and come up with best of their creativity. All the team memberes gathered and initiated planning for competetion with excitement!

At the tick tock go, teams started designing and decorating their diyas!

And the teams were ready with their beautifully decorated diyas! The competetion was fun, competetive and filled with happiness!

All the four teams were ready with their diya and now it's time for the judges to decide the winning ones!

Yay! Team A won the competetion! It's sweet time then! Evryone greeted each other with sweets and wishes heartiest greetings.

Evening snacks

An non-negotiable part of Diwali is the mouthwatering variety of delicacies that are served throughout the day. The evening snacks included Indo CHinese Dishes with sweets and soft drinks among other wholesome munchies. 

Festival celebrated well!

Diwali celebrates the triumph of good over evil and is a time of collaboration, togetherness, and revelry. We at NITSAN believe in celebrating life and living it to the hilt. And Diwali at NITSAN is just one of the many examples of our guiding philosophy.