NITSAN's 10th Anniversary Celebration
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Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration | 2021

In Indian culture, the importance of Lord Ganesha is very high and devotion towards Lord Ganesha is astonishing as almost all Indians celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with sheer excitement and spirit.

Ganesh Chaturthi at NITSAN

At NITSAN, we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with dedication and excitement as any other Indian festival and we wait every year for this beautiful festival to celebrate it with all the Indian cultures and values


Ganesh Chaturthi - A social Message

Please Use Eco-Friendly Ganesh Ji Idols
Every year, We go eco-friendly because some Ganesh Ji idols are created with Plaster Of Paris (POP) and once the POP idols are immersed in water, the heavy metals present in the idols are dissolved which creates a toxic environment for marine creatures to live in


Grand Entry Of Lord Ganesha In Our Office

Here comes Lord Ganesha to our office to shower their grace upon us.

The first day is always very exciting and culturally rich as all the members of the office bring Lord-Ganesha to the office with a bang. Everyone is happy and excited to start this journey with all the love and affection towards this holy time period.

We celebrated by wearing traditional clothes and etiquette. Dancing, playing religious music to create a celebration vibe, Eating delicious food, clicking photos, laughing, and whatnot?


Aarti is a cultural and religious way of inaugurating something or announcing the start of something good.

We all gather in one place, pray and make wishes to Ganesh Ji to take away all problems and welcome Ganesh Ji to our office.


Annakoot is a religious way of offering food to Ganesh Ji to show respect, care, devotion, and love towards the Vighna-harta and their miracles.

Everybody arranged 40+ Food and Fruits, along with sweets and savories/Namkeen from our home and some vendors who specifically make these food items on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.

To avoid a clash of the same food from two people, we shared a Google Sheet and listed what everyone will bring for Ganeshji.

At last, we enjoyed having the prasad with the blessings of Bappa and ate all the food we brought.

Ganpati Visarjan - A Beautiful End To This Amazing Festival

Ganpati Visarjan also called Anant Chaturdashi is the final ritual of Ganesha Chaturthi where are the family/office members go to a beach to submerge the Lord's idol in the water and say a final goodbye to Ganesh Ji and wait for the next year for this religiously rich festival.

And of course, how can you forget Garba being a Gujarati, we played Garba to say the final goodbye to Ganpati Bappa until next year.

At last, we all pray that the Vighna-harta always stays around us to protect us from all the problems and difficulties in life.

Ganpati Bappa…. Moryaaaa...