Diwali celebration 2018
06 Nov 2018 | Celebrations

Diwali celebration

At NITSAN, Diwali calls for that extra edge of celebration and festivity!

Diwali celebration 2018

At NITSAN, Diwali calls for that extra edge of celebration and festivity!

Diwali is regarded as the blockbuster festival that is celebrated with great vigor and enthusiasm. A festival with lighting diyas, firing crackers, distributing sweets and wishing good health and wealth to near and dear ones. 

At NITSAN, Diwali calls for that extra edge of celebration and festivity. Apart from sharing Diwali gifts with employees, these celebration ideas create a family like celebration environment in offices. 

Diwali is the day where we put up all our creativity and get ready with beautifully decorated office for the festival and the best part of this festival is that it brings with itself plenty of decorations. Right from flowers to diya to colorful lights.

Our celebration started with full of joy and happiness. We have decorated the whole office with colorful stickers and props of diya, crackers, lamps, ribbons, chandeliers etc.

Also our talented employees have designed amazing rangoli by applying their awesome creativity and ideas for celebrations. The office was stunningly decorated and right from reception diwali vibes were could be felt!

Festivals and Tradition!

Boys were looking handsome and dashing in a traditional outfit kurta, while girls were looking beautiful and pretty as well in Saree. The air was filled with festive vibes to cherish!

Competition time!

Making the best out of waste has been a part of human life since the early ages. It was the human creative mind that gave birth to this extraordinary idea of using unwanted material in a useful way.

This diwali NITSAN planned out "BEST OUT OF WASTE" competition, where team had to create useful and picturesque objects out of waste products.

All the employees were divided in group of three with equal members in each team. Teams were named “Team ROCKET”, “Team FULJHARI”, “Team DADAM”. They were all set with their idea and were eager to implement it!

The teams came up with their beautiful creations.

Team Dadam - A beautiful wall hanging with diya made from waste paper and cardboard.

Team Fuljhari - An elegant toran made from woolen yarn, ice cream sticks and old newspapers.

Team Rocket - A charming diya centerpiece with floating diyas made from waste cardboard and spoons.

And the team ROCKET Wins!

Gift Distribution

We as a whole Love Gifts: Diwali blessings and treats is the thing that representatives anticipate. Consequently, Diwali blessings must be insightfully arranged. Diwali celebration is the ideal event to offer a token of gratefulness and keep the representatives’ spirits high by gifting them something noteworthy and interesting.

And to Wrapped up, Last but not the least, day ended by Funny awards Distributions. It was just extraordinary. Like silent Award, Most punctual award, Hardware techie Award and most entertaining person award. It was hilarious but that added a strawberry on the cake.

And the day ends with lots of joy, happiness and good memories. We start New Year with the oath of hard work, Persistence and giving a respect and support to each & every person.