Diwali celebration 2018
03 Nov 2021 | Celebrations

Glorious Diwali at NITSAN (2021)

At NITSAN, Diwali calls for that extra edge of celebration and festivity!

Glorious Diwali at NITSAN (2021)

Just like every year, we celebrated this year's Diwali with style and traditional etiquette.

Diwali is a festival of lights and is the most loved festival in India.

Giving a preface to this awesome festival, Diwali is celebrated as a victory over the evil and arrival of Lord Rama in Ayodhya after he defeated Ravana.

At NITSAN, We celebrated Diwali with traditional style, energetic fun activities, and lots of laughs and made a ton of memories. We made rangoli, decorated the office, and had a great time eating sweets and chocolates.

Rangoli Making

As a tradition in India, Rangoli is drawn at the entrance of the House, Offices, etc. It is thought to bring good luck, prosperity to the house and in the family.

Girls from the team spent some time and made beautiful Rangolis and made the office 10 times more attractive.

The outcome was beautiful.

Here is the video sneak peek of the rangoli activities.

Follow The Lead

It’s game timeeeee…

Follow the lead is a children's game. Players first choose a leader or "head of the line" and the remaining players all line up behind the leader. The leader then passes an action and all the players have to mimic the leader's actions one by one. 

The fun part is all the other players are standing on the opposite side and how the action is passed to each of the players and what will be the action remaining at the end. And the results were hilarious and we had a great time laughing at each other.

Uniqueness Awards

There was a surprise award ceremony planned as the day was coming to an end.

The awards were for… absolutely everyone, the awards were decided as the uniqueness of a particular person. Well, the prize was chocolate but the most fun thing was the awards and the person related to it.

There were some of the most hilarious awards as well, as an example, who took the most leaves throughout the whole year? And many more…

The list and the winners are here

  1. Best Office DJ - Nilesh Malankiya
  2. Best outfit for Diwali Celebration - Anjali Bhatt, Divya Goklani & Nitin Chauhan
  3. Mission Impossible - Arun Solanki
  4. Professional Dressing - Mehul Nimavat
  5. Mr. Hardware Techie - Mahesh Rathod
  6. Office Care Parent - Purvi Gohel
  7. Most Creative Person - Mukesh Gohil & Anjali Bhatt
  8. The Early Bird - Pradeepsinh Masani
  9. Mr. Clean - Bharat Makvana
  10. Fitness Enthusiastic - Pinakin Kantariya
  11. Multitasking in family & office - Vandna Makvana
  12. Most innocent smile - Divya Goklani
  13. Most unique style in foosball - Anjali Bhatt
  14. Thinks in Emoji/Giphy - Parth Parmar /Nilesh malankiya
  15. The Angry Bird - Tanvi Patel
  16. Always Late - Parth Parmar
  17. The Chit-Chat - Harpal Gohil
  18. The Dapper- Danish Sheikh
  19. Most Silent - Anjali Vatvesa
  20. Lazy on Desk - Maulik Lakhnotra
  21. The person who needs Throat microphone - Ritu Mehta
  22. Foodie / Super Snacker - Keval Pandya
  23. Slack Status - Jignesh Boricha
  24. Most Leaves - Keval Pandya


Being a Gujarati, How can we forget Garba? We had fun playing garba with immense energy and enthusiasm.

A Day Spent Well

At last, we took some really nice photos. We had some really nice clicks team-wise and a really nice group photo.

If you didn’t know that people look the best in traditional Indian attire, Now you know…

Finally, A group photo.