Cricket Match Tournament 2018

25 Mar 2018

#Sports is necessary too

NITSAN Team and JNEXT Team organized a tournament of cricket match, named after NJPL (NITSAN – JNEXT Premiere League)

NITSAN and JNEXT Team decided to arrange a cricket match between both the team. Both the team got so excited, soon the planning for it got started. Both the team chose their captain, started practicing. Must say, both the team were so furious to win that they really worked hard practicing before the final match.

Finally, that fine day arrived. Before imitating the event both the team interacted with each other, and together we sang National Anthem. We could see the team spirit and the spirit to win in both the team members. Captain of both the team did the toss; NITSAN Team got chance to field while JNEXT Team had to play. It was 20-20 series, and with full enthusiasm the match was started. All the girls and other audience members were cheering up their respective team. We could see the cricket vibes surrounding to us, commentary, helping by providing water and energy drinks, score boards, and the members playing the match.

It was an amazing match and much needed break for all the members. Not only players enjoyed, the viewers too had fun with their creative commentary and cheer ups. The captain of both team were guiding the team members such a way to win the match. Both the team had their won strategy for how to knock down the other team.

“It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.”

Grantland Rice

#HardWork #PaysOff

So, NITSAN Team completed the fielding and it was the time to pay back and show our true sportsman spirit. We must say, they were tough competitors, all their members played really well. Now it was our time, our batsman’s were ready with full enthusiasm for the Sixes and Fours. Our NITSAN team was eager to enjoy our members playing the match. Finally, the match started, all the players shared tips and trick and gave their best performance. The time passed, each player gave their best shot, we could see all the hard work, practice that they did before helped a lot in the finals.

Woohoo! It was NITSAN winning the match. The trophy of “ChampionTeam” goes to NITSAN Team of NJPL – NITSAN JNEXT Premiere League. The happiness was #Spreaded all around, #HardworkPaidOff. No doubt we appreciate the competition by JNEXT team. Moreover the Man of the match was also awarded to one of our team member, Mr. Jignesh Boricha.

It was the moment to cheer up the success of winning the NJPL.

Hooray! NITSAN Beats Jnext!


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