Christmas Celebration 2017

25 Dec 2017

#Guess who was our secret santa this Christmas?

Talking about this festival - we all know it has more importance to a Christian. But all of us, we do enjoy it for a day - we do expect a gift from Santa and we do enjoy the peak season of winter like the Christians do.

Let’s know how NITSAN Family celebrated the Christmas Festival 2017.

Yes the core part of Christmas is SANTA. So - we do have Santa for each member of NITSAN, In fact we ourselves were Santa for one another. I know it sounds crazy right. But if you want to celebrate any festival at utmost level - you need to get crazy. If you are aware of a game “Secret Santa” - where you get a gift from a Santa who is your colleague only but it’s a top secret that who is your Santa. Yes now it’s interesting right.

To cherish a good memory you need to create one, so celebrate the moments which will turn to happy pages of your life to be remembered and cherished.


#NITSAN on #Celebration + #Christmas Mode!

So - each one us gets a gift from our SECRET SANTA.

As we find on the Christmas – Red and White color everywhere in decoration and also for Santa’s dress code. So it’s a Christmas theme right. So we followed the theme and all NITSAN member were in Red and white color dress code. Also the Santa Cap is must which adds on to the feel of celebration. It was ultimate fun followed by few #Games #Activities #Snacks and ending with evergreen garba. Yes - we gujju wants garba in any festival because we love it.

So, ending it with the wonderful wishes of the season. NITSAN Family wishes everyone a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS!


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