7th Anniversary of NITSAN
17 Feb 2018 | Celebrations

7th Anniversary of NITSAN

NITSAN Technologies, an India based TYPO3 company celebrating the 7 years of majestic success. 1st Feb 2011

7th Anniversary of NITSAN

NITSAN Technologies, an India based TYPO3 company celebrating the 7 years of majestic success. 1st Feb 2011

NITSAN Technologies, an India based TYPO3 company celebrating the 7 years of majestic success. 1st Feb 2011 , the day when two brothers Nitin Chauhan and Sanjay Chauhan together established the foundation of NITSAN Technologies. On this fortunate occasion of “NITSAN”, we celebrated our 7th anniversary at Honest Restaurant Bhavnagar, India.

Opening Ceremony

Prayer is simply a two-way conversation between you and God.

Billy Graham

So we initiated program with divine prayers sung by Mrs. Urmila Chauhan, everyone later joined the beautiful prayers to thank almighty for this successful day.
Everyone thanked God for all the blessings he has bestowed upon our NITSAN family and ask him to continue showering his blessings upon us.

Words Of CEO

Nitin Chauhan (Founder & CEO of NITSAN Technologies), recalled all the achievements and beautiful memories team NITSAN cherished till date.We had our goals fixed and we knew where we needed to be one day.

We recalled our visions of 2017 and are glad that we achieved them all and now we have our visions clear for year 2018. The motivating presentation filled everyone's heart with confidence and enthusiasm.

Flourishing journey of most senior members of NITSAN family!

Then there was presentation by the oldest members of NITSAN family about how they developed and proliferated their talents and skills from just basic knowledge to an advance level.

Mr. Jignesh Boricha, project leader, Ms. Sonal Chauhan and Mr. Sahdev Rana, most senior TYPO3 developer and Mr. Milan Agheda, team leader of Designing team presented their journey and experiences from initial days till date how beautifully they developed their career with NITSAN.

Dance, Song And Drama

We can’t keep calm when NITSAN dance!

And then it was an super entertaining and energetic fusion dance from NITSAN boys. Everyone enjoyed the dance so well that none of us were able to control ourselves so everyone joined them with dance and according to tradition Garba is must!


Ravi Nagaiya, the nightingale of our NITSAN family took us to the traditional gujarati culture with his beautiful song ‘Amber Gaje Megha Dammer Gaje’. We were taken aback with his voice and how heartly he sang the song!

Also the most melodious couple our CTO Sanjay Chauhan and his wife sang beautiful old melodies that took us to the the memory lane.


Job interviews can be pretty funny — and when you’re watching it live the humor is more than a comedy show :D A job interview is the perfect setting for cringe humor, after all.

Ravi and Milan conducted a play where Ravi played the role of applicant for job and Milan played role of recruiter. The play lead the series of hilarious incidents that we bursted out of laughing and the recruitment process ended with a lot of Golmaal!

The words “awkward” and “office” go hand in hand far too frequently. Being constantly professional is difficult when embarrassing situations arise on a daily basis. Siddharth, Ghanshyam, Divya , Khushbu and Mehul played a drama linked with different songs played at related situations ! It was too fun!


At our 7th Anniversary, awards were given to the best performances of the year.
There were 4 rewards as below:

Above and beyond call of duty - Gautam Mori
Rising Star Award - Bhavin Barad
Team Leader Award - Milan Agheda
Best Employee Award - Keval Pandya

All NITSAN Team thanked the NITSAN Board Members after celebration and gifted them a clock watch with NITSAN logo. Also the family members and friends of NITSAN board congratulated them with gifts and bouquet.

Lunch time

Our tables were ready as we got in and the day got even more exciting when the mouth watering delicacies came in.

That was an end to the most memorable day of the year. We look forward to many more days like this.

Find more anniversary pictures at http://bit.ly/NITSAN7thAnniversary .