72nd Independence Day celebration at NITSAN

15 Aug 2018

#NationTheme #OfficeDecor

To commemorate India’s 72nd Independence Day, we held a celebration at NITSAN Technologies for our employees to come together and show their patriotic spirit.

To uphold our NITSAN's value of ‘acting as a team’, we also decorated our office where team members were asked to decorate their desks and cubicles centered on the theme of Independence Day. It was exciting to see their enthusiasm as they huddled together and came up with colorful themes and vibrant designs for the Independence Day.

As part of the celebrations, everyone came dressed in traditional attire and we decided to celebrate our day at Shri K. K Andh Udyog Shala- A home for blinds by being helpful to them.

For involvement of all employees in the festivities, everyone contributed desired amount to help the blind students in providing them facilities wherever they needed. It was a pride moment that each and everyone contributed to help the students and we think this is what we call patriotism- helping the citizens of our country to shine brighter!

#True_Inspiration #Little_Beauties @AndhUdhyog Shala, Bhavnagar.

We were really moved to see these special children with visual disabilities. We saw them studying with unique focus. Though technology has developed special audio and Braille books for them, but still their deprivation was tangible. The one thing that we liked the most about them was their zest for life. They seemed to be least affected by their deprivation. Interacting with them I felt so humble! We also realized how fortunate we are to have this blessing of vision. We all pray for those children and all the people in the world who are suffering from visual deprivation all the success, health, and contentment. God bless all of them!

It was a great time for all of our employees to come together to celebrate and create wonderful memories.


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