26th January Celebration at NITSAN

26 Jan 2018

Our little #Contribution to the #SwachBharat #Mission

Here comes the day to realize the importance of our country. We usually are so busy with our tight schedules, so we often miss to feel proud to be a citizen of such a great nation. On Republic day we get a chance to look after our nation, we get a chance to do something worth for our nation.

We @NITSAN celebrated this Republic Day supporting our #SwachBharat Mission. We followed #Swachtabhiyan which was totally lead by some of our team members with a creative way. They decided to do this activity at seashore nearby our city i.e. at Koliyak. The best place to clean it up and try to make more beautiful. We started our activity with our national anthem guided by one of our member who is good achiever in NCC Navy which gave a new experience to all of us.

#Celebration #Mode on @Koliyak Beach, Bhavnagar

Then, with the spirit of #Swachta activity begins. We were divided in groups which were named after our great National Leaders, like Subhash chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Rabindranath Tagore, Veer Savarkar. All the groups were given different place to collect the scrap and clean up the areas.

Hurray! Leading towards Success of the Event

To survive in peace and harmony, United and strong,We must have one people, one nation.

Pauline Hanson

We all gave our best and enjoyed something different, unusual activity on that day. None of us was feeling pity; in fact we were in competition that who collects more which made us more enthusiastic for the activity. Looking at the collection of the scrap at the end made us satisfied for our efforts that all of us gave. And moreover the difference was seen after cleaning up the area.

Leading towards the success for the event, and winding up capturing the photos and relaxing for a while at neat and clean place. Best celebration for the Republic Day by the #NITSAN Team.


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