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Welcome to iTUG - INDIA TYPO3 User Group!

NITSAN Team & iTUG has been appreciated by TYPO3 Community World. It's our pleasure to get such honour First time from INDIA at with manage TYPO3 Community of INDIA.

1. Official Usergroup Page:

1.1   Checkout this TYPO3 official usergroup page -

1.2    Our site:

2. Who We Are

2.1    iTUG – India TYPO3 User Group was started at April 2015 at office of NITSAN.

2.2    India TYPO3 User Group is a non-profit association and consists of users, administrators, developers, testers, designers and agencies, which focus on working with the Open Source Enterprise Content Management Framework – TYPO3. The aim of iTUG is the promotion and involvement/participates into TYPO3 community.

2.3    We regularly meet at each 2nd & 4th Saturday.

2.4    iTUG’s Goals:

2.4.1  To Enthusiast TYPO3 Developers/Integrators/Testers/Agency within India-Asia.

2.4.2  To Promote & Highlight TYPO3 within India-Asia.

2.4.3  Improve TYPO3 skills.

2.4.4  Aiming to provide Developer (&Tester) in Core TYPO3.

2.4.5   Join & participate the TYPO3 Universe like,,,, (as It’s time to give back to the TYPO3 Community J

2.4.6  Develop TYPO3 Extensions for TER.

2.4.7  Aware TYPO3 CMS to Universities Students.

2.4.8  Trying to explore TYPO3 to Local Agencies & IT Professional to use TYPO3 as CMS for their agencies/companies.

3. What We Do

3.1    Meet at each 2nd & 4th Saturday

3.2    TYPO3 Seminar / Workshops

3.3    Exchanging tips and advise

3.4    Improve TYPO3 Skills

3.5    TYPO3 Public Events

3.6    Involve/Participate into TYPO3 Universe

3.7    Team collaboration – TYPO3, QA, Designer

3.8    Aware Universities Students with TYPO3

4. Get In Touch

4.1    For any questions feel free to contact, We are warm welcome you to Join Us - iTUG

4.2    Website: Coming soon

4.3    Email: [email protected] (Sanjay Chauhan)

4.4    Facebook:

4.5    LinkedIn:

4.6    Xing:

4.7    Twitter: Coming soon

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