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Top 11 Features of TYPO3 v11 We Love!

TYPO3 version11 brings even more improvements to the vivid list of functionality and user interface. Let’s hit the highlight features of TYPO3 v11 that we loved the most!

TYO3 v11 was released just a few days ago, on 5th Oct 2021. TYPO3 version11 brings even more improvements to the vivid list of functionality and user interface.

This major version release of TYPO3 Core includes X features and enhancements and feature requests, 127 bug fixes, and more. 

With this fact, it becomes inevitable for businesses for a TYPO3 upgrade so that you can attain all the latest security updates and wholesome functionality. Trust us, upgrading to TYPO3 version 11 is worth it!

But my friend this does not make old versions obsolete: The current “Long Term Support” version is v10.4 LTS, which was released in April 2020 and will be provided with security-relevant updates until April 2023.

TYPO3 v9 is now into ELTS support from October 2021, which means that updates are only available for a fee. Sooner or later for a better optimum TYPO3 website, an upgrade is a must!

Let’s hit the highlight features of TYPO3 v11 that we loved the most!

Top 11 Features of TYPO3 v11!

1. Multi Factor Authentication for Improved security

At the point when you sign in to the TYPO3 backend, you control a wide range of functions. 

But, simply a username and password is simply not secure enough.  TYPO3 v11 brings Multifactor authentication (MFA) that addresses by adding a second factor to the login process. MFA makes it altogether harder for a foe to acquire unauthorized access. 

TYPO3v11 brings an advanced, secure, simple-to-utilize, and adaptable MFA feature in TYPO3 version 11.1. When an admin has activated a MFA supplier, backend clients can utilize it as a second authentication method for their login process. Normal suppliers are, for instance, time sensitive one-time secret phrase (TOTP), counter-based one-time secret phrase, or WebAuthn.

2. Link Sharing and Deep Linking for TYPO3 Backend

Backend module URLs are now reflected into the browser address bar, whenever a backend module or a FormEngine record is opened. The given URL can be bookmarked or shared with other editors and allows to re-open the TYPO3 backend with the given context.

A custom list-based web component router is added which reflects module URLs into the browser address bar and at the same time prepares for native web components to be used as future iframe module alternatives.

3. Collaboration Through Workspaces and Content Staging

The usability of the Workspaces module has been improved. A dropdown box at the top allows backend users, for example, to switch between workspaces easily.

A new dropdown menu in the Workspaces module enables users to filter items for a specific stage, e.g. "Editing" or "Ready to publish".

4. Bootstrap 5 in the TYPO3 Backend

With refreshed visuals, the TYPO3 backend from Bootstrap 3 to 5. The decision to use version 5 provides TYPO3 modern content management systems from a UI perspective.

Backend users won’t need to learn how to use a new user interface with Bootstrap 5. They might, however, notice a few minor usability changes in TYPO3 v11.0. The new Bootstrap version also adds a few accessibility improvements to the TYPO3 backend.

5. User Data Download

TYPO3 website users can now download almost all database tables as CSV files from the List module. Obviously, suitable access consents to the tables are required. This "export" functionality has been in TYPO3 Core however was in some cases missed by clients. Backend clients would now be able to trigger download in CSV and JSON design through a single click in the table header of each table in Web - > List.

6. Improved TYPO3 Backend Widgets

With improvements in TYPO3 Backend Widgets, now TYPO3 users can refresh the widgets at the TYPO3 dashboard easily.

7. Resizing/Toggling of the Navigation Area

Resizable Navigation Backend users benet from all features such as filtering, collapsing, resizing, etc. which are available in all modals.

Now, any backend user is now able to resize/collapse the navigation area in the Record Selectors / Element Browser shipped with TYPO3 Core.

8. Extbase Framework V11

This initiative also affects the Extbase framework. To comply with PSR standards, controller actions should return an instance of the “Psr\Http\Message\ResponseInterface” from now on:

Extbase controller actions return ResponseInterface

It may sound like a massive task for extension developers to update their existing code. However, the advantages are apparent. Developers will have much more control over the responses and, using the ResponseFactory, it is easy to adjust the response even further. 

9. Clean-up old Redirects

A new CLI command (which can also run as scheduler task) has been added to cleanup existing redirects periodically under given conditions.

In the scheduler task settings it is possible to set the following options:

  • Age of records in days ( query usage: createdon < :age )
  • Domain(s) comma separated ( query usage: source_host IN (:domains) )
  • Hit Count ( query usage: hitcount < :hitCount )
  • Status code(s) comma separated ( query usage: target_statuscode IN (:statusCodes) ) (multiple values allowed)
  • Path pattern ( query usage: source_path LIKE :path )

10. Accessibility Improvements for disabled

TYPO3 version 11 comes with improved accessibility for people with assorted hearing, movements, sight, and intellectual special abilities to utilize the TYPO3 backend.

The module menu implements the keyboard navigation suggested by the ARIA Best Practices 1.1, users can now navigate through the main module menu and the help menu by using only their keyboard. This group also includes users with screen readers or similar assistive technology.

Fluid Widgets API

A particular type of ViewHelpers in Fluid is “widgets”.  Logically they are part of the view, but widgets have their own controller and view. Strictly speaking, the technology violates the design pattern “separation of concern” and causes problems using PSR-7 request objects in Extbase.

Therefore, we decided to drop Fluid ViewHelper widgets, and TYPO3 v11 does not support them anymore. A prominent use-case of a Fluid widget in the TYPO3 Core is the <f:paginate...> ViewHelper. We advise developers to review their extensions and to use the Pagination API instead.

Ready to update to TYPO3 v11?

There’s so much more to find inTYPO3 version 11. It’s a great update all around and the things highlighted here are just the tip of the iceberg. So what do you say about such power packed TYPO3 v11? And what are your practical experiences? Share with us your views. When are you planning your next TYPO3 upgrade? We're there to help!

What’s your favorite feature in TYPO3 v11 or looking for any new feature? Do you have any questions on TYPO3 v11? Just write down the comment box below and we will be happy to answer you.

Have a Happy TYPO3 v11!

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