Top most used TYPO3 Extensions from TER

Top most used TYPO3 Extensions from TER

TYPO3 is powered by a rich source of Extension library. Being open source, these TYPO3 Extensions are contributed by various open source community for the benefit of developers and customers. But as commonly said, each business has unique needs and no two individuals are same. Each entrepreneur have different plans and strategies for their products and services. Hence, there is always a need for TYPO3 Customization. There are thousands of around 5900+ Extensions are available at TER (TYPO3 Extension Repository). Accordingly to our team’s experience, we would like to share few of most used TYPO3 extensions as following in no particular order:

1. RealURL: speaking paths for TYPO3
Extension key: realurl –

2.  News system
Extension key: Based on piBase, tt_news –
Extension key: Based on Extbase, news –

3. Basic SEO Features
Extension key: seo_basics –

4. TemplaVoila!
Extension key: templavoila –

5. Calendar Base
Extension key: cal –

6. MM Forum
Extension key: mm_forum –

7. Perfect Lightbox
Extension key: perfectlightbox –

8. Media links in Lightbox
Extension key: rgmedialinks -

9. Power mail
Extension key: powermail –

10. Frontend User Registration
Extension key: sr_feuser_register –

11. Static File Cache
Extension key: nc_staticfilecache –

12. phpMyAdmin Application
Extension key: phpmyadmin –

13. New frontend login box
Extension key: newsloginbox –

14. Modern Guestbook / Commenting
Extension key: ve_guestbook –

15. Direct mail
Extension key: direct_mail –

16. Direct mail subscription
Extension key: direct_mail_subscription –

17. Modern FAQ
Extension key: irfaq –

18. Commerce
Extension key: commerce –

19. Search box for indexed search engine
Extension key: macina_searchbox –

20. freeCap Captcha
Extension key: sr_freecap –

21. TYPO3 Quixplorer
Extension key: t3quixplorer –

22. Language detection
Extension key: sr_language_menu –

23. Multiple Content
Extension key: jfmulticontent –

24. A google map extension
Extension key: rggooglemap –

25. Site Crawler
Extension key: crawler –

26. CWT Community
Extension key: cwt_community –

27. Yet Another Gallery
Extension key: yag –

28. Language Detection
Extension key: rlmp_langauge_detection –

29. Seminar Manager
Extension key: seminars –

30. WEC Map
Extension key: wec_map –

Phew… Time for a Tea I hope you enjoyed and bookmark all these important extensions. Please feel free to suggest other extension at below commenting tool.

NITSAN Technologies - The TYPO3 Agency

NITSAN is an INDIA based TYPO3 certified integrator, Silver member in TYPO3 association, TYPO3 GmbH Partner, iTUG India TYPO3 accredited digital agency and certified TYPO3 Consultant with over 7+ years of experience in delivering excellent inter agency solutions overseas. We aim in delivering small scale website to enterprise development solutions in TYPO3 CMS in form of increased performance, reliability, efficiency, creativity and peace of mind for all NITSAN clients.

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