[T3BD DAY] First TYPO3 Contribution Bootup Days (T3BD) In Asia/India

[T3BD DAY] First TYPO3 Contribution Bootup Days (T3BD) In Asia/India

iTUG - India TYPO3 User Group proud to arranged the first TYPO3 Contribution Bootup Days (T3BD) in Asia/India.

I think, fundamentally, open source does tend to be more stable software. It's the right way to do things.
~ Linus Torvalds

What is T3BD - TYPO3 Contribution Bootup Days?

You might be heard like TYPO3 Developer Day (T3DD) But what is TYPO3 Contribution Bootup Days? TYPO3 = Open Source, Which require lots contribution to make better product from hearty community. That’s one of the main goal to set TYPO3 Contribution Bootup Day, Where developer/user improve their skills to contribute to TYPO3 Community like Participate into core code, Custom extension development, Translation, Write manuals, Testing adjustments etc.,

The History

At Cabag - The TYPO3 Agency, The first TYPO3 Contribution Bootup Day was started over there. Special thanks to Jonas, Livia & their team to founded such great concept for TYPO3 Community. It’s already arranged internationally at Switzerland, Holland, Natherland, Italy etc., Read more at https://www.cabag.ch/en/typo3-contribution-bootup-days.html

Organised Two T3BD at iTUG

1. At 13th Feb 2016:


2. At 16th April 2016:

T3BD Webinar arranged for Team iTUG by Mathias Schreiber (The TYPO3 Product Owner) - Special thanks to him.

Why T3BD?

The Contribution is really important concern to having successful OpenSource Community & The Product.

  • With Contributing - The developer will have more Skills & Knowledge.
  • With Contributing it’s kind of networking & ways you get faster support.
  • With Contributing To motivate TYPO3 Developers/Designers/Testers
  • With Contributing code/feature, It will be used, improve & maintain.

Activities at T3BD

  1. TYPO3 Universe: typo3.slack.org, forge.typo3.org, forger.typo3.org, review.typo3.org, wiki.typo3.org
  2. TER: Put your own extensions into TER and connect it to your GIT Repository
  3. EXT + Github: Use github.com and/or forge.typo3.org to publish and maintain your Extensions.
  4. Review: Use your local development environment with review.typo3.org
  5. Core Patches/Fixes: Test core patches, improvements and newest fixes
  6. Translation: Work with https://translation.typo3.org
  7. And many more…

What's Next?

We are already planning to arrange more TYPO3 Contribution Bootup Day with special day & next upcoming Usergroup meeting at iTUG. We're warm welcomes to TYPO3 users, administrators, developers, testers, designers and agencies to participates in next T3BD. Please stay connected at www.itug.in As Learning & Contributing will never ends :)

Happy TYPO3 Contribution!


  • https://www.cabag.ch/en/typo3-contribution-bootup-days.html
  • https://typo3.maxserv.com/agenda/contribution-bootup-days/
  • https://typo3.org/events/community-events/itug-india-typo3-user-group-week-7/

Sanjay Chauhan - TYPO3 Technopreneur

A young technology enthusiast and entrepreneur. At 24, he co-founded NITSAN – a TYPO3 Agency in Bhavnagar, India. He is sought-after marketing face of NITSAN, is accredited with the management of customer-service teams, collaborations with agencies and clients, projects executions, and more. A tech guy in every sense of the word, Sanjay is the real TYPO3 Guru at NITSAN.

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