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NITSAN is an India-based TYPO3 certified integrator, Silver member in TYPO3 association, iTug India TYPO3 accredited digital agency and also known for expert WordPress and mobile application development services with over 7+ years of experience in delivering excellent inter agency solutions overseas. We aim in delivering full spectrum website and mobile app development solutions in form of increased performance, reliability, efficiency, creativity and peace of mind for all NITSAN clients. At NITSAN we go an extra mile for our clients and offer clarity and support at every aspect taking the hassle out of all IT systems so you can concentrate on growing your business well.

  • 2011
    Established in India

  • 2015
    Setup in Vienna

  • 2016
    Become a team of 25 people

  • 2017
    Satisfied customers still improving


Our Vision

Our vision of providing 100 percent customer satisfaction, with reliable and innovative solutions, is firmly backed by our commitment to deadlines and high-quality.


Our Mission

We aim to provide the most innovative, customized, and technology-backed CMS and TYPO3 development solutions to our clients.


WHY <strong>WORK WITH US?</strong>

Striving For Excellence

By striving to continually improve our performance we consistently deliver the results our customers expect – and more. Our team of highly-talented experts forms the heart of our company, and by working well together this helps us to work well for you.

WHY <strong>WORK WITH US?</strong>

Flexibility & Scalability

We offer flexibility and precision in equal measure – our understanding of the ever-changing digital world allows us to quickly and efficiently meet pressing demands and adapt, ensuring the work we deliver is always of a consistently high quality, and always on the precipice of technological advancement.

WHY <strong>WORK WITH US?</strong>


With NITSAN, what you see is what you get. We’re transparent and happy to outline our working methodologies to provide you with the confidence in us to meet and exceed your expectations.

WHY <strong>WORK WITH US?</strong>

Team Of Connoisseurs

Our team is well versed in offering top notch services that exceeds all your expectations. We will work closely with you to ensure all your requirements are fulfilled.

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We understand that communication is the backbone of any great business operation. In the modern world, it’s important to be able to connect with clients 24/7, which is why we’re ready and waiting to discuss all aspects of your project without any delays or interventions. We also communicate well in German, assisting you in the best way possible.

WHY <strong>WORK WITH US?</strong>


Our loyalty to our clients is what makes us who we are. At NITSAN, we will never compromise on quality – delivering nothing but the very best, time after time.


Nitin Chauhan

CEO, Founding Director

A thinker, a strategist and an ace implementer, Nitin excels in various facets of the IT services industry.

He has been instrumental in playing the key roles of a thinker, implementer, and strategist in the organization.

With vast experience in the fields of Business Operations, Strategy Planning and Management, Account & Finance, Human Resources, and IT infrastructure, he has nurtured a healthy organizational climate for all others to follow.

Nitin is responsible for team collaborations and is recognized for his futuristic thinking patterns, focus on transforming NITSAN into a global entity of high repute, and creation of an employee friendly environment.

Sanjay Chauhan

CTO, Founding Director

An entrepreneur, TYPO3 expert and IT enthusiast, Sanjay represents NITSAN in every way

At 24, he co-founded NITSAN – a TYPO3 Agency in Bhavnagar, India.

He is sought-after marketing face of NITSAN, is accredited with the management of customer-service teams, collaborations with agencies and clients, projects executions, and more.

A tech guy in every sense of the word, Sanjay is the real TYPO3 Guru at NITSAN.

With a sharp eye on the quality of products and services, he effectively deals with customers and clients to add more value to the bottom line of the Company.


Vishwa Shah

HR Executive

Jignesh Boricha

Project Co-Ordinator

Siddharth Sheth

QA - Team Leader

Keval Pandya

TYPO3 - Team Leader

Divya Lumbhani

Sr. Accountant

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