TYPO3 Template Integration

Modern & Responsive TYPO3 Website Design with Fluid, TypoScript, Bootstrap & jQuery.

TYPO3 is one of the most popular content management systems across the globe.

Why is it so attractive for our customers?

  • Scalability.
  • Developers can easily create additional functionalities.
  • Developers can edit content and customize it as per the project's needs.

It is a suitable option for building and managing all types of websites to customize various site layouts. The templates play a vital role for customization and add more functionality to your web project.

TYPO3 Template development is one of the most ample solutions offered by NITSAN. The template development process comprises of varied steps like:

TYPO3 Templating Sprints

  • Designing Templates

    • Web Designing
    • HTML5/CSS3/jQuery
    • Responsive Web Design
    • Browser Compatibility
    • Devices Compatibility
    • Validate W3C
  • TYPO3 Development

    • TYPO3 LTS Configuration
    • TYPO3 Template Integration
    • Extension Customization
    • Extension Development
    • Content integration
    • Performance Optimization
  • QA/Testing

    • QA/Testing
    • Deployment to live server
    • Support & Maintenance

We keep up with latest market trends with our varied TYPO3 services offered. We commonly use some of the following development methods:

Extbase/Fluid Templating:

This method is commonly used with the new TYPO3 sites as it enables us to use the new fluid template engine to provide a front end output via TypoScript.

Fluid & FLUX – TYPO3 Bootstrap Framework:

This TYPO3 extension makes for convention-over-configuration style CMS templates. We at NITSAN provide TYPO3 Template integration in a way that it is completely in accordance with your business needs. Contact us anytime for all your TYPO3 development needs and we’ll get in touch with you asap.

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