Upgrade Neos CMS

Incorporate Leading Neos CMS Technology for Faster Returns

Neos 2.1 and Flow 3.1 – the perfect combine for performance improvements, PHP7 compatibility, and collaborative editing, is now within your reach. At NITSAN, we boast of a dedicated team of Neos CMS experts that will upgrade your system for faster media browsing, improved productivity, and more fetching returns. Yes, it is the right time for your business to upgrade Neos CMS (existing or new) and harness the many features and benefits that its latest versions have for your business.

Why Upgrade Neos CMS?

  • The latest Neos CMS workspaces enable different editorial teams to work together on multiple content releases, at any single point of time.
  • By upgrading Neos CMS, you can restrict publishing or read access to specific workspaces.
  • It helps in designing review workflow for the administrators of your business portal.
  • The latest version of Neos CMS offers many performance enhancements in its backend,and allows for faster load times and management of media assets.
  • Neos 2.1 offers side-by-side comparisons of the changes that impact any workspace management system.

Why Choose NITSAN for Neos CMS Upgrade?

Our experienced team of Neos CMS experts will help you:

  • Download Neos 2.1 and other versions.
  • Explain the major benefits and features of Neos 2.1.
  • Integrate workspaces and thumbnails for enhanced user experiences.
  • Get introduced to faster and more reliable media browser performance.
  • Include additional UI languages.
  • Bring about bug-fixes and small improvements without much fuss, and so forth.


At NITSAN we bring all the benefits of speedy improvements with timely Neos CMS upgrades. Being an integral part of the PHP community, we are aware of the newly released major versions of Neos CMS and incorporate smart ways of including them in your business for performance improvements.

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