Migration to Neos CMS

Add Value to Outdated TYPO3 CMS Websites: Shift them to Neos CMS

Our experts at NITSAN help you leverage the benefits of Neos CMS by migrating your existing TYPO3 content and extensions to Neos CMS packages. Yes, we help you formulate the right strategies and develop packages for Neos CMS migration, in line with your business needs.

Why Opt for Neos CMS Migration?

  • The Neos CMS backend is more user­friendly and editor friendly than TYPO3 CMS.
  • It takes care of the future demands of the Internet and web portals with easy­to-customize, robust Neos CMS Flow Frameworks.
  • Neos CMS is the latest content management system that is being readily adopted by the TYPO3 Community.

Migration of TYPO3 CMS to NEOS CMS

The reasons why you should think of migrating your existing TYPO3 CMS 4.3, 4.5, 4.7 or 6.x websites to Neos CMS are many; these include:

  • Neos CMS is fast replacing slow and complicated TYPO3 CMS packages.
  • The migration of TYPO3 Extensions to Neos CMS allow for easy programming modes for content of all size.
  • Automated scripting of Neos CMS makes it easy for users to migrate content from TYPO3 CMS.

At NITSAN, we transform your website into a responsive, efficient, mobile enabled, search engine friendly one by implementing Neos CMS

Migrating to Neos CMS with NITSAN

Our customized Neo CMS extensions are the right way to go if you are looking for modern content management systems that are being developed for replacing TYPO3 CMS.

  • Our New CMS packages support real­time, in place editing.
  • Our solutions are much flexible than restrictive CMS systems.
  • Be it complicated or simple, we offer content elements and plug­ins to add volumes to your business success.
  • Along with seeing unpublished changes at the “workspace”, you can manage versioning and workflows from a central location.

Our developers rewrite TYPO3 codes with the help of smart programming tools and migrate all kind of content,whether huge or small, from TYPO3 to Neos CMS. So, re­launch your website by hiring our Neos CMS services at NITSAN Technologies.

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