Business Model

Providing transparent solutions for all your digital needs.

Our business models establish transparent relationships. Choose from our three suggested models that can be adapted to your flexibility and budget.

Business Models

Fixed Price Project

This model is suited for projects with defined schedules and requirements, where a fixed price is negotiated for all parts of any given project.

  • Get in touch and discuss the requirements of your project with our team.
  • After assessing the business requirements of your project, we will provide a proposal with estimated costs and timeframe
  • Once all the requirements are agreed upon and signed, we will work round the clock to execute your project
  • We are not satisfied until you are entirely satisfied! We go a step further than just delivering the project and also offer acceptance testing, on-site deployment, staff training and more
  • We also provide post-delivery services such as post release and field trials when desired by our customers

Hourly Project

In case clients find it difficult to define the specifications and the overall scope of a project, they often chose our hourly project business model.

A client can choose to pay for the hourly efforts of our team. We suggest to buy hourly slots in advance that can be leveraged on-the-go. This provides the benefits of quick turnarounds, predefined hour logs, and full value for your money.

Hire Dedicated Resources

This model is suited for projects where you wish to outsource your web development to us over a defined period of time with a long-term relationship.

If you wish to outsource your web development, this business model is suitable for you. For a defined period of time (minimum of 1 month), our experts will be available to you for the full working day and update you daily on the current projects.

Here, clients would enjoy consistent project management, accurate progress tracking, and processes that are both transparent and security-enabled.

This business model provides flexibility of operations, thereby allowing for easy-to-implement changes with the help of dedicated developers.

So, which Nitsan business model fits your bill to perfection? Call us, and we will be glad to help!

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